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I've been chasin' the big wheels
All over Nashville
Waitin' for my big break to come
Livin' on ketchup soup, homemade
Crackers and Kool Aid
size dominoes
One falls after another
Things are tough all over

Baby, if you needed me
I'd of heard by now
Well, I hope you're not hurtin'
mocks each tear that falls
And I cast a lonesome shadow on these lonely, lonely walls

He's always by my side at night no matter where I go
He lurks
some light and you'll be alright
We'll cast some light and you'll be alright for now

Crosses all over, heavy on your shoulders
The sirens inside you
nine till dawn.
If you drop by brother there's some shakin' goin on

We get all kinds of people as the night goes on
Rednecks and the hippies both
and handsome, she's known quite well by all
The regular combination on that Wabash Cannonball

Listen to the jingle, the rumble and the roar
As she glides along
things are tough all over
Even on the single side of town
I guess it's harder than you thought it be
Without my loving arms around
And now the beating
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

Outside the Nashville city limits
A friend and I did drive,
On a day in early winter
I was glad to be alive.
We went
and all points in between. Louisville by Nashville Pounding out a rhythm making up lost time, {Chorus} Heading for that bluegrass state of mine. White smoke
Over the vision by the perfect man living
Martyr truer than the seasons no more
Place for lies cast a seed push aside
The reason reign of terror dies
By electrical moons 

I need a lover surely as I need a friend
Someone whose laughter I'll lean on
To tie our lives together 

Cast all your
eastern bound
[ guitar ]
Hitchhikin' days get by over not many pickup strangers anymore
Shave my face and cut my hair this morning
Well maybe I'll have
over, all over my face 

A tough kid who sometimes swallows nails 
Raised on Prisoner's Aid 
He killed a policeman when he was 
I'm dying, it's so bright
I have lived in the shades
Make the Glow go away

Come cast your shadow over me
And I'll cast mine all over thee
Take me
I knew the state of ol' Wisconsin back when I was eight
I sang all over Minneapolis lookin' for a break
I rode the rapid rivers with the Chiquoia
Into the abyss arrive
Returning here again
Over the fields of despair
The messengers came forcing all to obey

Led by Gods
The curse will be lifted
her sites 

She worked so fast 
And she didn't mess around 
It was all over 
Before the sun goes down, before the sun goes down 

She saw me
to and fro
Not sure what makes it come and go
There it is again sweet music on the wind
Over the Gulf of Mexico

I'm going to down to Cuba someday soon
cast some light and you'll be alright for now 
Crosses all over, heavy on your shoulders 
The sirens inside you waiting to step forward 
(myles goodwyn)
Published by northern goody two tunes, ltd./capac - ascap

You tried so hard to please me, you have me on your list
Just one more
Nashville by-pass on a Friday afternoon
That'll blow yer shorts off
That's sumpin else
Then there's, Atlanta, Daily, McCray, Wheeling, Rockwell, Gilbert
The brightest lights
Cast the darkest shadows,
And that's where I'll be found,
For what's hiding by the morning
Will be chased by daylight's
tough all over

Coulds go rollin' by as I lay floatin' in a stream of semi-consciousness
I'll follow it 'til the end or at least 'til I drown in my
It's not over til it's's not over til the end
It's not over til it's we struggle to pretend

Hesitation makes you over...we all
the shadows
Seduced by the whispering lies

A spell was cast and the sky turned red
The angel´s heart froze to ice
The blackness that falls is