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you see 


[R Kelly] 
And when it's time to face the storm 

[Celine Dion]
I'll be right by your side 

[R Kelly] 
Grace will keep
you niggaz just woke - good morning! 

[Chorus - R. Kelly] 
You can't touch me, no you can't touch me 
Jigga, Kelly, not guilty 
Try to charge me
you see 


[R Kelly] 
And when it's time to face the storm 

[Celine Dion]
I'll be right by your side 

[R Kelly] 
Grace will keep
can hear the traffic sigh
Throw away those keys
Start walking, watch those
Tiny things go by

Accidently kelly street
Where friends and strangers
the crib 
And ask are you alone Killa


We race foreign cars, custom models, drop top mustard Tahoe
We like the musketeers, trained by cus
(but I still get in trouble) killa, uh, but what, uh

[verse 1]
Mami all on me cause I'm touchin' her belly
I'm on butter pirelli's
Wit' purple
Y'all been eatin' long enough now stop being greedy
Just keep it real partner, give to the needy
Ribs is touchin', so don't make me wait
Fuck around
[Intro R. Kelly & {Fat Joe}]
Oh oh oh
{Yeah Cool & Dre uh}

[Chorus R. Kelly {Fat Joe}]
Sexy girl
(hey) You know that I (hey) like you
I like
Joe,are Kelly,Mary J,Faith,Mariah and Sade
Made the Whole world sing many times,many ways
But you are
You're the perfect love song

You're voice is
you are sayin' you don't know
If I'm someone you can believe
So what is it, baby, you can't chance?

Can't you tell by the way that I'm touchin' you?
Whoa-oh, I can't see shit, my words get to slurrin'
Uh-oh! You can call me R. Kelly now, you're in trouble!
What's occurin' befo', after and durin the show
excites me
with a shape like yours walking by me
huh just a few seconds you name and your time
and I will guarantee that you will be mine.

[R. Kelly
the children
We are the children of the world

Underneath the blue
In a solitary light
Guiding by a star
A star in the night

The enemy we see
Is the enemy
over there
Then pop, pop, pop, more round of bottles
Then pop, pop, pop, R. Kelly follows
Then shit here like hard to swallow
Only real niggas here
Kelly's bike rumbles down
We're going drinking on the Tibetan side of town

Beggar with withered legs sits sideways on skateboard, grinning
Wondering if I'm touchin' you
You say "Yeah"
But when it's on the line
You are nearly mine
Then you're off and gone
Again, ooh

can go b**** for b****, got a pretty young thing
That I keep by my hip, like my celly that rings

[R. Kelly]
Meeting Michelle at the hotel
young thing
That I keep by my hip, like my celly that rings

[Hook: R. Kelly]
Meeting Michelle at the hotel
While Jay and Tone on the way
(Kelly (sung):) There are certain obligations you just can't shirk.
You've got to put the heat on to make the kettle perk.
(Silvers (spoken):)
are touchin (kid a nigga hungry, yeah, he one of ours) 

Wipe, them guns off, get that money money
Wipe, a nigga smile, off ain't nuttin funny
And you are all that I need, so plain to see
Just touchin' me, feels like heaven to me

Feels like heaven to me, 
Feels like heaven to me
Feels like
And that's just when you in a in a room 
I could tell when you round by the scent of ya perfume 
I see why they put these r&b songs together 
I feel like
that he got
He bought a Mr. Cruiser off of Mr.Kelly's lot

Well,that station wagon was the ugliest thing around
And I'd hide beneath the dashboard
The Saint Andrews' Cross
The slate rooves and the chimney pots
Are dirty against the snow
Speeding away from Glasgow
A carriage with
Recorded by Gene Vincent on Capitol Records 1958
 Song written in 1957 by Bob Kelly BMI

I've got a bone to pick with this