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bruise my lips
And if I must be frank well I must be tone deaf
Tell me Easter's adjourned
Tell me why, when and where
Tell me Easter's adjourned
much help from him.
Hey Frank, why not get drunk tonight?
Hey Frank, I think it'll be alright,
You'll be too far gone to notice when the neighbors start
Yo whassup P?

Yo nuttin man just coolin kick back in the studio wit DJ Scratch
And my man Frank B, reminiscin about how we was tryin to shop
the entire world bow
To the kingdom of the huns

Alliance has been made
With many other clans
Frank and Vandal forces
Held within his hand
And by
frank and fitty's
Them Natural born fraks, wit blonde streaks
Seven's on cheeks
My nothin'less than a dime piece
Pink face cartier time piece
I like
mangled by a hundred ugly, angry, Anglo-Saxon's

Tiger style
Tiger style

I don't like this new shit but, what the fuck do I know?
the teeth now 
Kill beef now make you dead like sea snail
We Averex down to our fuckin' feet 
Now jakes snatch my nigga Frank up off the streets
Now Votos
in crime by the name of Chuck
We stormed the city, shooting shit up like Frank Nitti
We robbed kids and split the dough 50/50
One day we stuck
learn (I'm high)

I use my Colt 45 to shoot down your Olde English
By the time that I'm finished I peel the caps off six Guinness
Skwad Training helps
a lesson no matter how it's told
You can't teach a dog and a cat the same trick, Jack

Don't do it

[ VERSE 1 ]
Hitler was a killer, Frank Ward was the Mack