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Words and music by bob seger

I was born at the break of dawning

In the last days of the last great war

My father was not in the fighting

And my
Words and music by bob seger

Like the wind that carried ahab

To a far, more distant shore,

To a shipwreck that was certain

Long before.

I can
Words and music by bob seger

I woke up with this feeling

There was something I wanted to say

So I wrote you a song.

Lately girl I've been
Words and music by bob seger

There's the neon sky that I know so well

There's the smoky room where I chose to dwell

Though I hear your heart many

I know it's late, I know you're weary I know your plans don't include me Still here we are, both of us lonely
And danced around a Bob Seger tune
And finished up a bottle of home-made wine

I never had to write a girl a song
Had a woman stay this long
And now
Words and music by bob seger

There's a highway
A lonesome stretch of gray
It runs between us
And takes me far away
Out in the distance
Always within
Words and music by Bob Seger
Be-side of "Like A Rock" and on the soundtrack to the movie "About Last Night"

When the sun came up this morning
Bob Dylan

If today was not an endless highway. If tonight was not a crooked trail.
If tomorrow wasn't such a long time then lonesome would mean
By Bob Hartman
Based on Rom. 13:11

One moment gone into the past
But here and now will never last
You made the most of your design
You've walked
we're gonna make it
down to tomorrow night's show

We took time by the horns
Cryin' out loud
Stood there naked up there in front of the crowd
Bob Gibson

I started on a journey about a year ago to a little town called Morrow in the State of Ohio.
I've never been much of a traveler, and I
Words and Music by Bob Hartman
Everybody has to say their goodbyes
While they wipe away the tears from their eyes
Everybody bids a fonder farewell
Written by Bob Dylan
Copyright 1964 M Whitmark & Sons/ Warner Chappell Music (ASCAP)

It might be the color of the sun cut flat
And covering
busted at Grove Hill where nobody goes,
And Long Bob drove us to the Badlands,
You can bet your ass we're gonna make it down to tomorrow night's show.
would get you seventeen, that's seventeen
I mean yesterday was everything if there's no hope for tomorrow
And money ain't everything, I can go broke
(Bob Regan/George Teren)

Throw away the book, forget about the rules, set aside your doubts
They don't apply now
Everything you know, all that's
The Dream


Hey, driver, let me feel the wind again

Won?t you roll your wheels and try to catch the sun

By twelve o?clock the Texas
*taken from the album entitled "The Fine Art Of Surfacing"
*Written by Bob Geldof
A sotto voice sang for the soprano singer
Whose tyrannical arais won't cease to linger
Bob's out there none of us play cool
Classmates in
Written by bob welch.

I did a thing last night
You know those future games
I turned off all the lights
Oh, the future came
You were by my side
a C.C. water back, I need a Jim Beam or a Jack
Maybe a boilermaker with a beer chaser
Anything to get my mind offa her in a shot glass

Hey Bob, call
Benz with a cellular phone
See his diamonds and gold, call him Big Bank Bob
Got a ring for each finger and he can't get a job
This is not a song I
you all my life I don't know your name
(The name's European Bob Sordid, anyway)
We'll have a dance now see ya later
Pleased to meet ya - likewise,
And a nigga first love is a drug
We all fascinated by thug activity, street life liberty
Whole ghetto remedy, toss 'em a slug

It's the untameable, nonflammable