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In the Wee wee hours, I used to play Maybellene
And the days whizzed Together, until someone came between
I didnæ?° lay No money down, cause she
I'm half dead, I'm the third alive
A quarter ticking over on the middle by the side of the road
Don't get surrounded by people you hate
My love
The king by any other name a pissoir
You, my love tower over them all
They are but vermin beneath your heels
They are monkeys
Suit them,
Never make my enemy public
I'm a private dancer
Dancing for money
(Let's get together, let's rock!)

D-d-d-d-dance Monkey
Dance you god damn Monkey
but told me not to tell
Next day I chased her around the playground
Cross the monkey bars to the merry-go-round
And Emmylou got caught passing me a note
a little hot in here?)
(Inch by inch, mile by mile, day by day, year by year)
(C'mon people, put your hands together, and pray)
By William Clarke

Pack up your things children
'Cause Zion is waiting
Get yourselves together children
'Cause Zion is waiting

Ride on Ride
drank wine
The monkey chewed tobacco by the danger sign
The line it broke, the monkey choked
And they all went to heaven in a little row boat
Yum yum
The monkeys type
The days are slipping by, my friend
You may as well let it flow
Take a ride, slip inside my telescope
Purple sky drifting by way down below
And the neon lights melt together like strawberry pie
Monkey moon, zebra
your mind, run from the spot
Revolution jumping in the parking lot
Shit is so hot that the sun watch
Children by the window with the gun cocked
life running from your sins
Runnin' a race you ain't never gonna win
Gonna catch up to you in the end

Got holes in your story, got a monkey on your back
drinking all the Monkey
And Lord Jazz, hit me one time, make it funky!

"Excuse Mr. Funke man (yes DoItAll)"
-> _Here Come the Lords_  *repeat 3X*

[Parrish Smith]
Yeah, epmd and das efx, time to flex
Like funkmaster, back to business in your tape deck
Steel I hold it, put it together blindfolded
riding through the woods and took her by the hand"

The boss he lay back flat on his bed
He cursed the heat and he clutched his head
He pondered the future
you a plate, soul food, know how Granny do it
Monkey bread on the side, know how the family do it
When I brought it why had guard have to look all
to God, I guarantee he send it back
Multiply it by a hundred times, y'all remember that
That's just a little jewel to get the monkey off your back
The best ballers pitch in to rub together nickels
But tut tut, he about to change the price again
It go up each time he blow up like hydrogen
Gangster of love

I've never been played by a ho!
If the bitch is acting stupid,
She's got to go!
Some mutherfuckers [missadden']
If she fucks with
[Voice in Background] 

Look at the little porch monkeys  fuckin jiggaboo 

[Master P talking] 

My ancestor Kunta Kinte said 

We come
die together
As long as I send your maggot ass to the essence
I don't give a fuck about my presence
I'm lost in the blocks of hate and can't wait
Before 1978 there was no blood with AIDS contamination
It ain't little green monkeys 
It's little white honkeys crossing bouing leukemia with sheep
pita eater
I said, "Yo, eat how ya like" then took her home and G'd her

The definition of a funky rhyme master
Clevely put together but not
die together
As long as I send your maggot ass to the essence
I don't give a fuck about my presence
I'm lost in the blocks of hate and can't wait
Pete Rock
The flow from the Ghost from D-Block
4 pound â??ell send ya to Esau
In other words, Jesus Christ man
My shit stick together like beans