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Sonny's gotta struggle
And another day of life to him's another day of trouble
You gotta live this life for you to try and understand
The diary of a hitman
Can't be sure where you are, wander on blessed James.
I'm fine with you here.

I made the mistake once of fearing an end.
Is this life that we live
Suggests the blues will set you free
Old days are comin' back to me

I was ridin' in the back seat, with Sonny Terry
Little harmonica player
till I am the very best
The best banjo picker in this whole country
[ banjo ]
I said someday I know I'll win my fame one day all the world will know my
today is mine to do with what I will
Today is mine my own special cup to fill
To die a little that I might learn to live to take from life that I might
will call me by my real name
You must call me by my true name
From this day forward
You will call me by my real name
You must call me by my
wanna be
Me away and you away coming in from the sea
Sometimes I was a mountain or a seagull by the shore
Thank god my memory will live for ever more
every day
That you made you never ever kept
By me I really want to believe
But not today, not today, not today, not today

You're the worst
I can't even
Please don't cry 
For the ghost and the storm outside 
Will not invade this sacred shrine 
Nor infiltrate your mind 
My life down I shall lie
you till the day I die
There never need be longing in your eyes
As long as the hand that rocks the cradle is mine
Ceiling shadows shimmy by
And when
Your dadadadadadadadyoh 

All of the money I put in to you 
Made days sonny and forced you to love me
Daddy will never be crying the blues
window it's a shame 

I rather sleep my life away 



Only time will tell if these streets take our lives 

Only time will
be there by your side
You will always hear me say

Ku-you-i-po, you're my Hawaiian sweetheart
of the universe 
Will be shared by all that's living

And I don't really care 
About tomorrow 
Is all I really need to find the answers 

I'll find
it blossom, see it grow
That's the story of our love
Ever since we said hello

As the years go passing by
We'll recall our wedding day
I will be
This song will we play
I burn today eh
I burn today

And as I drank
In old Paris
She lay her cards
Just to see what she would see
Down by
couldn't make a record and expect to get paid
Cause there's too many def rappers in the world today"
I said, "Yo, my name is M.D. and my style is def"
find it
The stars on the flag are never shining
Uh, I saw a butterfly in hell today
Will I die or go to jail today?
'Cause I live by the sword and die by
don't be believing that man
Cause he gon' do it again

Promises you told me every day
That you made you never ever kept
By me I really want
cynicism only makes me stronger
I am the culmination
Setting the standard that all will follow

I live it every day 
Don't know another way

Within my
of your love
Just like holy water to my lips
(Hey, hey)

Yes, I do know how I survive
Yes, I do know why I'm alive
To love and be with you
Day by day by day
of war subsides
Will I find you by my side
We could be at peace out there
Before the summer fair

We'll live tomorrow girl
Today has come too soon
Give all your love 
Oh faithfully

And you'll be blessed little children 
By the profit eternally
Oh oh eternally
You will be blessed
In time baby, I'll get you off my mind
Little by little, watch my love slow down
But, oh yeah, you know what it means to be alone
Today you're
Live, get it right this is not no job

Today or tomorrow it doesn't matter
Got the stages moving on up the ladder
And stay grounded, remember the Bronx