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Unto thee, Oh Lord, do I lift up my soul
                 O my God, I trust in the
                 Let me not be ashamed
                 To ever
want they soul to rise
I chase you off of this earth

I got dreams, of holdin' a nine milla, to Bob's killer
Askin him why as my eyes fill up
the fifth upon cock either
Lift up your soul or give you the Holy Ghost please
I leave ya in somebodys Cathedral
And stuntin' like Evil Knievel

I'll let
[Incomprehensible], I think by now
These people know we are trying to say
"We need to praise the Lord"
[Incomprehensible], that's all I'm sayin' man

Hey hey,
You'll never get my soul though 
Bury the hatchet, down the sword 
No justification by the Lord 
No more feud, I'm tired of war 
No following up
good things
So I won't strain
Got grey hairs, and only been here 25 years
Shed tears for niggaz I knew for life, now lifeless
When you died to us, was
Ave, 25th, 45th, and the Polo Grounds
And when it's time to refuel
Lord Jamar jump in the car and say "Back to the Rule"
It's like that y'all, you
And they don't know anything else
They don't know they're breathing bad air
But I'm tired of living like this
And my soul cries out, "If You're there...
Or call up my boys when I want to make noise 
The brother Lord Jamar, the brother Derek X 
Ahem, oh I forgot, I meant "Sadat" 
X and I flex
and do a push up
You smokin' all my purple kush up
Don't make me push and rook up
Get you touched up, I lift my wrist up, yup, yup
Now niggas know Lil'