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By Townes Van Zandt
I'll play upon my violin
Until the mountains ring
Of lonely laughter blindly thrown
And cause an endless sark of strings
hat and silver skates 
Jugglin' three collection plates Jesus Christ 

Townes Van Zandt standin' at the bar 
Skinnin' a Hollywood movie star 
by Townes Van Zandt

Well, I ain't very big for twentyone
and it seems I never could have any good clean fun
cause every time I'd go outside some
December 26th, '04
Dan's dad dropping of the van for the Make Move Tour
We're meeting up soon with The Warriors
We're losing money and our lunches
you tell me how you can live in an apartment, with the pieces
 of a person, rotting away with decay and not know?"
	"I was totally sick, to tell
Starry night, an unknown creation
Written by, and from the archives of Tupac Shakur
Dedicated to the memory of Vincent Van Gogh

A creative heart
Can't explain the way I felt
Too many years I seen my brothers die
And I can't say that shit was really that fly
But I used to gangbang when I was younger
the Hollywood sign
And every man lies, but not every man flies
Privately to Van Nuys
Range on the runway, driver to pop doors
Straight to Barney's, somethin'
Privately to Van Nuys
Range on the runway, driver to pop doors
Straight to Barney's, somethin' we need to stop for
She like, "It's early what we
this fly
The type to change because of fame, I'm just not that guy
Still sippin' on my forty when the cops drove by
When I go, gotta tell my girl
your lighters
We're a little older, little brighter
Time goes by, time flies
So don't you wait for anything

Everybody wanna piece Americana (USA)
on the van like BAM!!
We land on your plate like a housefly
Just another face from the southside
The fall guy, all eyes on the tall small fry
While I try not
surrounded by violence in the place where people die
what a kid to do when you live on these blocks
when every day all you hear is gunshots
waking up...I hear
I had a partner named Courtney
Dead, pulled by a van, blood gone from his head
I had another partner named Terry
Dead, he tried to flee the scene
think it fell by your gate
Well it's not in my van, so I checked my jeep
Limited edition 4x4 with leather seats
Looked in the ashtray and only found
no lie
And they wonder why us niggas always get high
Spend a thou-wow on it just to get fly
Another thou-wow on it just to get by
Fuck it, only got one
Ridin blowin big sippin on a daily basis
Quick to hop by on your block and wreck faces
Slammin door's open spaces looking good standing
I opened and read it, it said we're in trouble
It said "go green!" what's that mean?
Bought a hybrid hummer to save gasoline
Went to live earth
Many strange things happen in a studio while the mic is live

Yo, yo, yo, yo, get crackin' 
It's the one an' only Buc-mutha-fuckin' Fifty 
eeny meeny miney moe
Shiggedy-bop, bap I'll snatch a rapper by his toe
I riggedy-write my pages when I figgedy-feel the flavor
I fliggedy-fly
loose lips, by the jungle flise
Suck the pearl tongue juices, off you fly misses
Take her out to the Spark's stakehouse, gentelmen style
our human form,
We live life searching for greatness since the day we was born
And as we bow our heads at night rich wealthy or poor with dislikes
the best
So tiggedy-tell your friend, chump, 'cause here comes das efx

A-higgedy-hoy there matey, I giggedy-gots to flow
My Saturday nights are live
slaughter trash
Monster Mash, half ass on the war path
Suffer land, give a fuck grand, crashin the Pan Am
My squad Van Dammed, this shit was sun tanned, VA
don't invite in, but since we got a like friend I could get you like, 10"
I told him I could move like 10 by nights end
Put the white over the plate, like