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Words and Music by Meredith Willson 
Arranged by Jack Andrews
Luck fell in the right place for me
The day you happened to come by
You caught me feeling all was useless
And left me feeling ten feet high

You let my sister go by
Used to be customary to bow one's eyes at the sight of a white face konks and fade 

Creams sad passion deferred dreams
There's a tree by a brook
Where we once used to play
Nothing there anymore
Except the vows that we made, well now


Yes, now and all this
Desired, that was the beauty I admired
Out by the 41 Brook, no joke
Can I have a toke, finally, she smiled and smoked
Gave the girl my number,
the undertow of what the tide took
The put together scenes
Make it all seem clean
A pacified pictures the life-fiend dream
Till its tried by the spies that's
high, nigga
Best believe we get by, nigga
Best believe we get live, nigga

Hot damn hoe here we go again (Let's Go)
My God damn flow buries