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As free as a couple of runaways

We speak in sign language
Unknown to sleepers and spies
With or without direction
I'll be here by your side

We are beyond
me free
My future to be

Yes, I've got a secret
It changes me as time goes by
It's strange that no one knows why
But I

What's happened to me
In the evidence of its brilliance
In the evidence of its brilliance
Love controlled by time
Future lovers shine for eternity
In a world that's free
In the future water will be expensive.
In the future all material items will be free.
In the future everyone's house will be like a little fortress.
My destiny 
Your smile is my destiny
And I must be what you want me to be

My future lies
Beyond the stars in your eyes
When you are near life
Saved my soul
Made me new
Now I live for You

My heart is alive and my spirit free
In the Saviour
Gave His life for me
By Your Word
We will be
The future looks bright 
On that train all graphite and glitter 
Undersea by rail 

Ninety minutes from New York to Paris 
Well by seventy-six we'll be
The clock in your pocket keeps tickin'
But that don't get prayed to by me
I threw away all I was given
Just so that I could be free

I've got no
Programmed by fellows with compassion and vision
We'll be clean when their work is done
We'll be eternally free and eternally young

What a beautiful world
it was wrong of me to look so far ahead
I'll count my blessings one by one, I'll live a life I won't regret

And now I finally see the future's
The stars are aligning
The future is bright
When I thought I'd never make it through girl
You got me right
Every time I see you walking by
I just
in anguish
My God, are you here?

He said child you're forgiven
Forgiven and free
He said it, I heard it
Sweet victory
The future can never
By betting on the land of the free
Yeah the USA is here for you and me
Come by the hills to the land
Where fancy is free
And stand where the peaks meet the sky
And the rocks reach the sea
Where the rivers run clear
Everybody live cause the future is now

Everyday we have fun me and Wilbur
So happy to be here with the Robinson's
I finally feel I can be someone
will free yourself to weep
Don't be afraid you have so many choices
Hold your head up high and say goodbye
No second thoughts you have a future
I'm flying free
O'er the land of the prophecy
All of my future before my eyes and
Oh, I pledge my life
All I am to be by your side
Come and take me
born to be lucky, 
Cause luck had no future with me
I've done my wrong and I'll sing, sing, sing my song 
and stand beneath the hanging tree

Gazing through the sands of time and wondering if you'll be mine
A glimpse of future days I cannot see
Shining like a morning star exquisite jewel
Well, I guess you know
You took me by surprise
When you told me that you'd broken all the rules
And the future felt as empty as your eyes
When I
Someday I'll show you around a monster-free Tokyo, and our footsteps will be light. 
The future will be bright.
to the ground
Sighs, by blood we will unite by blood we are forever bound

Vengeance calling me
Oh, please set me free
The fury of the wild
Locked up in
I die here within (I die here within)
To be reborn again (To be reborn again)
And I'm somebody new today
Free of my sins today
Feels like they're
I'll be where the eagle's flying higher and higher.
Gonna be your man in motion.
All I need is a pair of wheels.
Take me where the future's lying: St.
And you will finally be free

My future was somber,
And so were my eyes,
But when the lights turned on,
It marked the start of a new life,