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Building on fire chaos on roman streets
Hope is cheap sold by the local thief 
Relief from the common grief
Served on a platter shatter your smallest
to advanced from basic
I evolved yes y'all and stand five feet tall
I use speech to bust rhymes through a concrete wall

By now I can assume you know the title
be sand
Could be desert
Could be a tract of arable land
Could be a house, could be a corner shop
Could be a cabin by a bend in the river
Could be
pimps and thugs
Get your face bashed in on the concrete rug
On that note I'm a say peace!
Theodore! Word to Darryl Mack's teeth!


[Verse 3]
My cold thief mysteriously got set free
The word on the street, the photograph
let the beast splash through the projects, the last you weap
columbian niggaz hit these funny niggaz
A heavy routine, chevy, yukon green
Had crazy coke up in that piece by all means

[la the darkman]
The kids was mad
harassing you
Breaking you down, smashing you (smashing you)

On the concrete, you find out you can't compete
With the number one thief on the street