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Slave times, claims the slaves said rhymes
But she fell in love with some fella named Clive

Who? Clive Campbell from Sedgwick Ave, the Bronx
long cigarette

What do ya know all this time she's got me in her scope
She spoke says the Devil got you guys by the throat
Your conspiracy theories
you out of time
This is crime by design
If the crown ain't mine tell me who am I behind

Yeah, I'm taking niggas' lunch money
Too bad, I was fucking
Somewhere in the world it's 3 o'clock
Time to get out of school and think
Somewhere in the world it's 5pm
And quittin time means it's time to drink
all hustlas
Pushin' the product, connected by the narcotics
Hella melodic when NATAS drop it, I got it
30,000 feet out in the air, I parachute on ya
Kevin's basement with all my friends,
Provided we can get, get our lazy asses down to Bottle King by ten.

And the walk home is going to be a real shit
a shelf of empty liquor bottles.

Not an alcoholic but alcohol it,
Can ease the pain.
Drinkin' all my problems away
But still prayin' in Jesus' name.
And by the way, you rappin' Nigga's,
I don't like you neitha'.
I mean, "either," proper gramma',
Pop a camera, man on that rap, DVD propaganda.
next move, but they won't jump me
Sex in the city, I got every DVD
These girls think its real, so that's how they act
And they been kickin my ass,