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more capsule air
By now we're under siege
Tell me who's the enemy
Not me

A radiated haze
In a cybernetic phase
Can leave you sterile
Online chatter from
of a cry (ssh)
Peacefully sleep to a lullaby (oh)

A silent movie scene, a capsule in time
The days when we were young, all we had was time
We’ll ride this
Relaxing with secluded abandon

Our time capsule is sealed on new discoveries
Early twenties
Learn to use our bodies

We take turns feeding
And during phonics class, perfected my delivery
Now the band's playing "Hail to the Chief"

While my capsule's out floating by some
Tropical reef

I'm just a space cowboy 
A vintage light-year jump-ship is my 
pride and joy
I'm still slinging that old six-string 
I found in a time capsule
Capsule after capsule, settin a trap to 
Destroy all our kind without a hassle 
I couldn't kill my brother, about a color 
Or cocaine, not even over
Just like that rocket Grandpa rode

Yeah, it was the rocket that Grandpa rode
Sounds like braggin' but it's true
I'm not tryin' to big-time you
I want to be a space man
Way up in the sky
In a tiny little capsule
Where I can bide my time

Like a robomatic rocketboy
Who journeys back into
Of a bleeding heart poet in a fragile capsule
Propping up the crust of the glitter conscience
Wrapped in the christening shawl of a hangover
Baptised in the tears
Too many times you were all alone
He left you behind cryin' by the phone
You weren't born to lose but losing him is wise
You've got a new fool
capsules, birds, whips
Ounces and fifths (no licking the glass, duke, yeah)
Yeah, yea-yea-yeah, yea-yea-yeah, yeah (yeah)
I'm here, so it's there,
For good times

You know why she's sitting by the window
She's waiting for her prince to come
And here I am on the opposite side of the room
No time to hear what another brother might say 

Why sell a capsule of crack I don't have to 
I rhyme and sign million dollar contracts
the license
Of a bleeding heart poet in a fragile capsule
Propping up the crust of the glitter conscience
Wrapped in the christening shawl of a hangover
the license
Of a bleeding heart poet in a fragile capsule.
Propping up the crust of the glitter conscience,
Wrapped in the christening shawl of a hangover,
come to you my
Pride aside
So we can make this right
Three times denied I've
Relied too long on visions
Capsules of elastic
Mental prisons
the moment you're born.

My heart bears the scars even time can't disguise,
If you only knew what I've seen through these eyes.
Oftimes overwhelmed by
mine cause when I get time
I'mma get shine and clear my runway
And wait 'til I get signed
To stretch my wings and fly
Do what I gotta do to get by
Our secrets, you hid so well
A time capsule the future will not find.
And in the belly of a catacomb, a fuselage the future will not hide
the soldier
Overstands warfare, caught in the crosshair
The moment when focus becomes more
Than what's noticed by the starving locusts

The burning
that zone
Little Tasha, eight months, and got a baby by the neighborhood chump
Who'd rather smoke blunts, then bring home lunch
Young ones bustin'
the night time, 
I swear I saw your face change, it didn't seem quite right. 
...And it's hello babe with your guardian eyes so blue 
Hey my baby don't you
Put it in a capsule seal it deal it
How you want it nicky baby? 4 times 5
A quarter ounce of weed and some cherry pot pies
Excuse me if I'm greedy
Yeah  time to educate the youth (Speak on it God) 
'Cause if we won't  then who will? (True) 
Terror Squad style  yo 
(Speak on it God) 

Yo  I
and Evan from the
fucking Bio, yo we down for survival with acid raindrenched skin infest-
ed by termites, hermaphrodites on bikes swing spikes, think