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Ridiculed we one sailed by the tempest
Now praised
Hurled onto pedestals
How long can it last
It will come to an end

It's true that time and tide for
I was surfing this tidal wave of faded glories
A San Diego pad and five, six years walked straight by me 
Well times have changed
And time sure
hearts are coral reefs in low tide
Love is the ocean we crave
Restlessly turning around and around
I am dancing towards transformation
Learning by love
1000 dark years from time has died
1000 stars are passing by
We have to go a 1000 Oceans wide
1000 times against an endless tide
We'll be free
Oh, I have lived for ages I'm a thousand turns of tides
I'm a thousand wakes of springtime and thousand infant cries
Oh, a thousand infant cries

Took a good look around, what did I see?
A big red tent and people comin' in like the tide of the sea
I ducked in to catch the shade
the first time I touched her hand

The rain and the way that felt never let up all week
By Thursday I knew everything about her
And God, the last day I didn't
of the czars
Hold up your heads
Be proud of what you are
Now it has come
Freedom at last
Turning the tides of history
And your past

Mother Russia
of mind
Just a dance to the music of time

Why must you shed such tender tears
In the evening of your years
No other love could stem the tide
Across a thousand nations
And forty-thousand years
The teachers and the healers
We are the Craft of the Wise
The Old World and the New World
coral reefs in low tide
Love is the ocean we crave
Restlessly turning around and around
I am dancing towards transformation
Learning by love to open it
of the thousand days
They go by fast Anne
Those thousand days
Anne of the thousand days

The ink was still wet
On your love letters
I should've known
this safe place, 
where we were so many years ago, so many years ago. 

one by one, we closed our eyes, and returned to that place, as a thousand
by the mate
And he steered us through the shadows
Upon an angry tide
And cast us one by one over the side

But it's kind of hot and smoky
In this
of collapse
Too many mouths to feed
- Circle of defeat

Preparing for the last dance
One thousand points to prove - With hate..

Grown out of control
An hour goes by She doesn't If you don't cry it isn't love If you don't
cry then you just don't feel it deep enough Dying all day in thousands of
Don't be shy
Don't be shy
For if you are shy for tomorrow you'll be shy for one thousand days
Don't be shy
Don't be shy
Don't let the tide
the sun would keep shining, the day never end

By the shores of the Swilly, now with kids of our own 
Another year over, and see how they've grown 
The tides of change pulled us apart
I feel a familiar pain
It seems like years since we've loved
Or even liked and that's a lonely way to be

Alarm-bells were ringing
To hold back the swelling tide
Friends and lovers clinging
To each other side by side

Mothers and their daughters
Take my heart away (repeat)

To be the sound of wild geese calling
To be ten seasons in a night
To dance the sun beyond the tides of war
will you leave?
Washed away by the darkest tide
Ethnic cleansing, it's genocide

History lessons we don't see
Just how blind can we be?
It hasn't stopped
and People of Rome.

Two thousand years pass by, yet still they hold sway here
Their Empire is holy (its motives the same)
They have traded their spears
of cornstalks bend in the shadows
held up tall as the flames leap high.
The Green Knight holds the holly bush
to mark where the old year passes by.

Calamity befell in that starless night, destruction of nomads false pride

The last dance of Sarnath

Once the sons of Ib reveled, before the face