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ring in a doorway
On Seventh Avenue
David Blue, David Blue
I struggle to remember
The times that you went through

Your out-of-print albums

"Last night I lay on a warm feather bed
Beside my husband and baby
Tonight I lay on the cold, cold ground
By the side of Black Jack David." [2x]
timepiece will make it all right
Sing songs of the mountains, Cowboy's Delight

By Bob Carpenter and David Holster

We've lost our sight through the d???
Blinded by the illusion of slave a s???
They took us from our homeland of wealth and truth
And went back
This beat, yeah
Hop in this thang, yeah
With David Guetta, yeah
And Afrojack, yeah
Now all my ladies, yeah
Go ahead and get sexy, yeah

And if
an offer for a movie
Promoters closed another deal or two
Waylon got a call from his son Shooter
And he went home the minute he was through

I moved with
(Timbaland, David Guetta, Mister World Wide, Here we go!)

Everybody goes dance floor and give it up
Baby put it down and give it up
Nigga, set
vegetation. Trust in the Lord and do good, then you will abide in the land and be nourished by faith. Delight in the Lord, and He will guard your desires
wander through the country
That you hope is much less frightening when it's quicker passing by hey hey hey

Now in southern Arizona at the Last Chance
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One of the most phenominal feats of all time
Frekaznatcha, Alabama, Mississippi, David Banner hoe

[Hook - David Banner] (Repeat 2x)
Let's take this
The world against us all along us two
All the shit I done took you through
I'm a grown man now


[Verse Two: David Banner]
The second verse
David Hinds

Pretty lady standing there
I'm telling you that you're looking fair
Cause I've got my eyes on you
I can tell by the way you stare
name of Richard Dobson who had a novel he'd never finish
That's when Johnny Rodrigues, David Olney and Steve Earle first came through
And every other
Once in royal David's city, Stood a lowly cattle shed, Where a mother laid her baby, In a manger for his bed: Mary was that mother mild, Jesus Christ
carry you through
Oh yes I really know Him
Refrain (2x)
In world news today officials agree that rapper Brad Jordan alias Scarface must be stopped 
After being monitored by secret service agents for two
and execute (Jah-you)
Whether your friend or foe
From a long he'll let you know
Moses was a seer (prophet)
King David was a seer (prophet)
So the people shall
and two by two
We gonna make it through
(Timbaland, David Guetta, Mister World Wide, Here we go!)

Everybody goes dance floor and give it up
Baby put it down and give it up
Nigga, set

South side till I die


Weak bitch

This hot shit by David Banner 

Your ain't gotta go no where nigga

I'm up in this city, you can
A parody of "Riding With Private Malone" (Written by Thom Shepherd and Weed Newton. Recorded by David Ball)
New lyrical adaptation by Cledus T. Judd
Esther has 2.4 million children
She writes us and asks us to pray for them all

She's compelled, she's compelled by what she's seen
And she tells us,
like done to you
Believe me brother that is the golden rule 

I've been through windows, doors, tv's, and chairs
But I never let go
And I pulled out
Take my hands, Lord and my feet
Touch my heart, Lord and speak through me
If You can use anything Lord You can use me

When David fought Goliath and that