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Written by Shawn McDonald

You alone, are worthy
You alone, are worthy
Of all that I am
Of all that I am
Beautiful is Your name
Beautiful is Your
But tough green bowlene beats the bathroom
Bowl blues

It's not a Cola
There's Colas by the score
So drink Doctor Pepper
The joy of ev'ry boy
You’re going through
But there’s so much life
Ahead of you
And it won’t slow down
No matter what you do
So you just gotta hold on
All we can
By michael mcdonald

The world goes mad around us
As I stand by and watch you sleep
In the hope that harm won't find us
I pray the lord our souls
By george hawkins and michael mcdonald

I try to see you clearly
But I just turn the other cheek
Though I love you dearly
I'm only losin' sleep
We got our first McDonald's and it made the headline news
In a town where no one locks their doors at night
All the lights are flashing yellow, we
McDonald's and Levi's born to end 
Can't afford it so I hate it all born to end 
Images linger like repression born to end 
Concentration camps of our
Shawn ]
Damn, man
Keep on with it, man
Come on now kick it, man
You gotta kick it right, though
Let me know what's up

She had a 500 S-E-L airtight
By david pack and michael mcdonald

When the morning breaks with the rising sun
Our past mistakes are gonna be undone
'cause no other love could have
All these Shawn Black decoys
Plans done changed due to conflict
Cowboys, we bomb shit
And I put that on my kills
Let my rap skills feel
something that the shadows can't explain
Something so simple and so obvious, that we forget
Behind the cloudy surface of it all, if we look up above
We'll see
McDonald's smile warms the hearts of all people regardless of race.
Color, creed, sex and social status
By opening three new McDonald's restaurants
You wanted to buy me
For a hundred Euro
You said you'd take me
To your little car
Your friend lived near by
He had a house and all
Where was i
You wanted to buy me
For a hundred Euro
You said you'd take me
To your little car
Your friend lived near by
He had a house and all
Where was i

See my life is like a see-saw
And until I move this weight it's gon' keep me to the floor
Travel with me through my deep thoughts
Y'all can't
to say
There's no forgiving, no games to play
When all you know will get you through
Seems like you've known it all your life

It ain't nothin' but
to the seven mile drive-through
At McDonald's and pile-drive you
I got the power to snatch a driver out his Eddie Bauer
When it rides by me at ninety miler
Cause a disturbance, don't let this slide by,
Do you want to end up a McDonald's french fry?
Atomic power, atomic power,
Death shower, maggies
By michael mcdonald

I met a man standing on the street today
Through his eyes, the world looked so grim
As if we all don't know just what it's like
Mac Shawn
I had this bad ass bitch
She was freaking me
All up on that ecstasy
A bad defeat
Malcome X
Nothing going on
But some serious sex
Throw your
By michael mcdonald

Love is the answer to a child
Just as hope is the answer to us all
But it's there at the beginning
That we learn to hope at all
by michael mcdonald & david pack
Lost and lonely lives
Floating like waves at sea
We make it day by day
Watching the world go by

In a moment
pounds when I was born I didn't give her no pain
Although through the years I gave her her fair share
I gave her her first real scare
I made it from
leavin' you're not wasting precious time
Love's not always happiness
Sad, but it's true, girl
Every fool's got to learn he's got nothing to lose
Playin' by
Make my vocals sound sexy
Come on man, come on man okay

It feels so wrong cos it feels so right
But its all right its OK with me