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Swirl around swirl around
Fellow shadows black and blue
All around all around
Locking arms side by side
Crouch down before the fire's light
start to fall
As we crouch in the hall
as they bust through the breach
Out on Omaha Beach

Why don't we run this road together
Why can't we hope
clothes are all wet
As I crouch in the cold
Waiting by the Santa Fe line
My prides all but gone
My hearts torn in two
From that woman who left me
twenty square miles!
They took it into the nuclear mine
Judging by this, they left nothing behind
Down in the bunkers in the crust of the earth
Concrete turns moisture
Deflated tankers
Liquid steelyards
All angles collapse

And it fits into a circle that starts to revolve
From Hoover Dam
Remember when I told you
You were pretty lost
It seems you had it up to here
You just paid the cost
All I have, all I need, all you got, is
Come, let me sing into your ear
Those dancing days are gone
All that silk and satin gear
Crouch upon a stone

Wrapping that foul body up
In as foul
I want to crawl inside your soul
Nestle in your brain
Stand you on your head
Crouch you on all fours

Oh I will walk among your dreams
When you
I want to crawl inside your soul
Nestle in your brain
Stand you on your head
Crouch you on all fours

Oh, I will walk among your dreams
When you
It's funny until
Someone loses a friend
It's times like this when
I'm wishing I was you again
And it's only eleven ten

Soon you grew
the skill to bust a dope rhyme
All my homies died or caught the penzo
Lost their diamonds, cops towed their Benzos
Livin that life that we thought was it
How am I still in the dark when the world is on fire
Lit by the passing of sparks I crouch low in my shadow

When the world is on fire
How am I
We emerged from youth all wide-eyed like the rest.  Shedding skin faster than skin can grow, and armed with hammers, feathers, blunt knives: words,
through the years
Question myself "Where do I go from here?"
Do I take it all, escape from hell, disappear?
It be the glare of a living legend, I got
Spend the money, matter fact, I've seen these crouch it can get 

Take the keys to the reigns, black 4.6, cause all the (bitches) want this 

(b****)  yo honey hoppin' the whip 

(S***'s) real  I won't hit it  n****s droppin'  will split 
Spend the money, matter fact, I've seen these crouch it
It's cold outside, Lord help those
Lost tonight with the freezing toes
In the dark with the rain drenched clothes
She's all the way down

The sky has
from the O's

Plus a n**** like a pimp when it comes to the hoes
Every hood, every city all the gangsta's now
Front on me, and you'll be gettin' hit
As sure as hell's hot, I'd rather go there 
Crouch down, jungle fatigue, guerrilla warfare 
Armed watch, think about the bullets I've dodged
scheming to kill they arch-bishop
You big pussy nigga acting  all hard
Call me atheist, because I don't believe in you God
It's like a grand feast
Coming through, hear the sound, pack it up, clear it out
Run and take the nearest route, we all up in your house
You see the tiger crouch, yeah you
It's the only way out
She tells me I love you
But it's only a game
So she slides through the silence
She's fixing her time
To fall back into
across the equator with something major
Universal rhyme tones, tamper with ya time zone
Minds blown by the millions jus' for the feeling
Hip-hop, it just
in all of them
It's worse than you or I can ever know

On the edge of the clouds we crouch
We smile and spit
The pool of saliva carrascates below our
arts of devil's and priestess
Thus I shall rule anew through the sinews of a song
Played upon a storm
By the ghosts of Avalon
And all in league will