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warm up for the 
Beastie Boys last year.

        DJ: How were they?

        Caller: How were they?  I thought it was one of the most appalling 
Dj cool pooh (scratch freestyle)

All you wack mc's that say a rhyme that lingers
You wack dj's a.k.a. butter fingers
How do you think you can come in
Mic check
Mic check
One, (one)
Two (two)
Three (three)
Too many rappers and there's still not enough MC's
Three (three)
Two (two)
One (one
M.C. be-Boy, DJ, slash director

The name was a bell that rang through the hall
Popular is the tag in the bathroom stall, check it
[ DJ Ready Red ]
Yo, Johny see and Box, rock it freestyle, one time

[ VERSE 1: Johny see ]
The beat is pumpin, party's jumpin, makes you shakin
my Crew is 2 Live
I ascend like Christ and watch you die

Breakers (HERE!) MC's (HERE!)
Writers (HERE!) Beat-boxers (HERE!)
DJ's (HERE!) Hip-Hop
of MC's who never pass the mic 
And yo, we be like, "Time to kick that ass" 

I gots to for self, now a days by myself 
'Cause it's bad for my health
of knowledge on the microphone when I speak
Rabbit MC's I love to eat
Shockin' with the rhyme, gettin' sicker with time
I'm comin' way too real and I
at at the time of the fat shoelaces
When the hell was really raised, huh
I know every face
Writers, breakers, DJ's, MC's, Fly girls
Representing, respecting,
Mic check, mic check

One (one), two (two), three (three)
Too many rappers, and there's still not enough MCs
It goes three (three), two (two), one
[Hi-Tek cuts it up]
"It's like the A to be	 to the see, it's easy as.."
	"Hi-Tek why'all" -> Inspectah Deck
"Collaborate, break
to sea
Country to country
6 MC's bring you delicacies
Next up
I believe that's Vandal
Light 'em up
Blow 'em out
Like a candle

Verse 3 (Vandal- SMC,
Like Medolark Lemon 
I get goose bumps 
When the baseline thumps 
A sucka MC freestyle 
He had mine for lunch 
Marc seven get you open like
It's elementary 
DJ Scott LaRock and I,  KRS-One 
Our mother's first son and no, we'll never run 
From complex situations like
Followed by McDonalds and Coca-Cola
The point is whatever the outcome of the battle
The day goes on with more french fries and soda
One, two and you don't
an M.C. rapper and nothin' else
I keep rhymin' and I do it by myself
Could you be like me? I rap my none stop rhymes
You will never hear pause when I say

Suckas, pack up your shit,
And all your bunk DJ equipment.
Your ass is 187 when my boy is bent.
So be prepared to be measured for
All the boys went crazy, takin' off clothes
We all got naked, no time to front
Clear the desk, 'cause you know what I want
Grabbed one by the hair,
Verse 3: 
Lyrics are gold plus steel for the raw deal 
Feel MC's and DJ's nuff respect y'all real 
Low caps I rock on the regular 
Brim covers my eyes
One two, one two, one two
I am the Overweight Lover MC, Heavy D
This one goes out to my man DJ Eddie F
Trouble T-Roy my partner G-Wiz
This also
Verse 3: 
Lyrics are gold plus steel for the raw deal 
Feel MC's and DJ's nuff respect y'all real 
Low caps I rock on the regular 
Brim covers my eyes
MC's remain amateur
Just examine the delivery and stamina
Focus in like a camera, see what I'm handin ya
Is the recipe, the basics and neccessities
want static? Punk, don't trip
Dope beats laid by DJ Slip
My lyrics go good with the groove
And while you're dazed, I pull a jack move
My rep never lets,
1-2-3-4 - are you ready?
See, cause I'm goin for mine
Boy, you know the time, partners in rhyme
Musically attached to a beat that swings
Kid 'n Play are
at a freestyle
Meanwhile I'm manufactured by Profile
Mel-Ice, you got it goin on swiftly
They can't touch you and they can't get with me
I'm the King with