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Fame and love, fame and love
Fame and love will never die
Shane said to Dixie, we're getting nowhere
But I've a fine idea if you love me, swear
tall and yellow 
Aiyyo, I got you covered like an umbrella 

Well, I got a little rap thing I want to breeze through 

So may I
I keep a fleet of women, probably one of them's your moms
A voice so choice that my lips should be bronzed
You got ta give me thumbs up just like
of our Mexico.

Oh, Adelita, promise you'll remember the happy hours that now have long gone by.
Oh, Adelita, we'll share these tender moments.
the trap that you wants me in
That's the trap and you'll feed from my greed and sin
Baby, tell me, are we heading into trouble, yeah
Is it my imagine taking whole 
Do I read to much into the way we slay 
The way you move
Took my hand
Touched my heart
Held me close
You were always there

By my side
Night and day
Through it all
Maybe come what may
up one day, Lord to find that I was by myself
With dreams of Georgia cotton and California wine

Sunday mornin' found me standin' 'neath
You took my hand, long ago
And you've been by my side always
I didn't know where to go
You showed me the way
Who knows what the future holds
Lawn Mower Man
I'm the Lawn Mower Man

Tell me who the best is
Break into your house
And come downstairs and spit asbestos
Tell Satan we
People jeffin' my checks be nice sums
By the way the way that I talk you can guess where I'm from

Kansas City, yeah! Kansas City, yeah!
The Little D-A double-D why
The S-H-A-N-E, yes it's me
You better believe there's no comp and I'm certain
So if you try to battle me, then it's cur-tains
when it's 
So hard to miss you the way that I do 
I just want to kiss you 
Do you miss me? 
Do you miss me too? 
Don't want to see you, don't want
Bob Shane/Tom Drake/Miriam Stafford

Run Molly, run (oh, Molly). Run Molly, run. Long John's gonna beat you, beneath the shinin' sun.

lightly begins to rain screams of terror 
Are hidden by the passing trains 
This can't be little Shane, his uncle cried 
As he drops to his nephew's
That's why they call me mr. pitiful

A few people know what I'm sayin'
Hmm, to the little daddy shane, you know what I mean
And to my man cool
Being interviewed by somebody
In a hotel lobby
She says where do you come from
Now I'd really like to talk about it
But if you write it
man, you shooting like a rookie that don't know his range
Smoking, watch me go insane, opus and the Novocaine
Shit was once an open game, we got it by
executive area
Acting like they don't see me, standin in front of me
Walkin by me three or four times
Showin me views of they Victoria Secret thongs, tryin
~Static~ "Quik you're not a gangster we're not" ~Static~ 

Some believe in love and some believe in friends 

But niggaz like me believe in
the tar-pit
It's strange, like chemical drips down Aspirin lane
Tobacco and Shane, me and Mary-Jane
We all got a clutch that can shift us to want
Everyone wants to be a cowboy
Grab your guns boy
Forty-five by my side, do he live
No the nigga dies

Zen, zen zen zen zen zen zen
You shot your

Yeah! Yeah!

So to my peeps in the PJ's, throw your hands in the air 
"For all of y'all" 
Let me know you're out there 
To my peeps in
Everyone wants to be a cowboy 
Grab your guns boy 
Forty-five by my side, do he live
No the nigga dies

Zen, zen zen zen zen zen zen 
You shot
trunk exposed
Swishahouse baby that's my crew roll wit us or you'll get ran through
We loved by few and still true let me tell yall jus wat it do