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Now go over there and blow up Dru Hill's arms
Fuck your love songs

This kind of music, use it, and you get amped to do shit
Whenever you hear some shit

Grab your thongs
We're going for a ride
Singing songs in my car, feeling happy
Because we're going to the sand
I'll show you who I am
Dru Hill and a little more ill
(Hey Keith, we want you to be ill)

	Leave me alone, leave me alone!
	(Politics, politics..)
	Leave me alone, leave
(Yeah Mack's the brand new flava in ya ear)
Spiel mir etwas Dru Hill, während ich mit meiner Crew chill'
Und du siehst, wie sich dieser Dancefloor im Nu
to look at that man with respect
With Bleek singin 'Is That Your Chick In My Head'
Dru Hill - 'Somebody Sleepin In My Bed'
Aaliyah - 'If Your Girl Only