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Went Home & I Lay'd In My Bed
You & John Going Round In My Head
You Done This Once Yer Once Before
You Swear To God You Won't Do It No More

Making the best of a bad situation
Making the best of!

This is your conscience speaking, spare your spirit
Trouble is on it's way, it's on it's way
something less than a Caddy
Go buy them gas and food was less than a cabby
As we approach my tilt, paranoia in my bones had built
By the lock on the door,
of this same old situation
I don't want any more, no more
Telling secrets underwater
Giving Valentine flowers
I'll wait by this mailbox for you or your letter

Obviously you were too distracted
Filling your
History can never be made by one man  we must smash this one quickly 
History is made only by the masses of the people  this is clear 
into that situation

I'm too young, not ready yet
I got so much to do
Got to take it step-by-step
It's best for me and you
It's up to us
Not to jump into
So dirty, so dirty, can't help but getting
Freaky, freaky, freaky, this situation's dirty
Dirty, dirty, oh, wee, oh

Miss Fatty, your body,
A situation's taken over me
Can't you see
I'm in trouble?
Infatuation's got a hold on me
A little jealously
I'm not myself at all

I'm surrounded by
To hurt an honest man

It was down in Chaynee County
A time they talk about
With his lady by his side
He took a stand
And soon the situation there
Same shit can't remember last time that I slept right

This situation's gotten out of control
With all this stress and confrontation I just
of The Angel & This Quiet Earth

Words by Michael Carrodus
And whisper words to tell me it's alright 
I'll stay by you in your darkest nights 

Tine and again the situation shows 
You make it better 
Time and again
New thing from London Town
Refugees of broken sound
The sound of breathing and crying hearts
This situation tears me apart.

The new police will

This is the weapon of the real revolution 
Unlock the coils 
The clamped around your spiritual frame 
By crying out the holyname
climbing out
How did I get home?
I'll survive the situation
Somebody shut the door
Beautiful, beautiful
Climbing up the wall
I get by on automatic
and grabs them long green boogers by whatever you grab them long green boogers by 
Well, one day he's got a full Nelson on this big alligator
When this
the experience in life
I'm sorely
Tried by affliction in my life
I have to master this impossible situation
This driving force is my salvation

The world in
Through every situation 
This love will keep us strong 
And I don't mind whatever future has in store 
Life ain't always easy but who could ask for more
want to love me
She hates the telephone
'cause lovin gets complicated
Singing with the band
The point is simply stated
I'm gonna fix this situation
want to love me
She hates the telephone
'Cause lovin gets complicated
Singing with the band
The point is simply stated
I'm gonna fix this situation
What is this strange elation?
Taking my train of thought to an unknown destination
And suddenly I don't know where I am
But like a tremor
Here's a song for all the little men, who get forgotten 
Trodden time and time again 
Here's a message for the little guy, don't let this situation
I knew all of this was coming
Ain't that odd
Some things come out of nothing
As with god
Not my intention to amuse
Or confuse

I've been down
what you wanna be
While making love to him, girl you're silently calling on me
What is a man to do in a situation like this?
I feel there is something