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"Oh, baby. If this is a game your playing, then you just keep on playing.
But if it's not, don't ever hang me up".

Right on. Right on. Right
Lady luck I want you 
Bumping by my side 
Like a silk shod connector 
On a midnight ride 

Sensation Boulevard 
(I got to go) 
Sensation Bouleva
dress you up in silk so fine
Down by the Greenwood side, oh

Oh, mother dear, when we were dying
Oh, the rose and the linsey, oh
You did not treat us then
Oh the rose and the linsey - oh
I'll dress you up in silk so fine
Down by the Greenwood side - oh

Oh mother dear when we were dying
Oh the rose
Lady luck I want you 
Bumping by my side 
Like a silk shod connector 
On a midnight ride 

Sensation Boulevard 
(I got to go) 
Sensation Bouleva
everything but love
And with my giving I gave her nothing she wanted only to be by my side
Yes they call it a Fool's Castle and I'm the fool that lives
make you mine
Side by side, for love we waited
Side by side, we're dedicated
Side by side, now we can make it
Side by side, we gonna shake it on down
Do you wanna wind up in a graveyard?
Like a number on a scorecard
They're gonna wrap you up in corn silk
They're gonna cry like you were spilled milk
Wouldn't have needed to worry
If his hands were tied by me
There's no neurosis that this
Doctor can't diagnose
I'll find the monster
The Door Of Dismal Daily Strife 

Open For This Hopeless Life 
All Dressed Up In Blood Stained Silk 
The Dival Of His Dirt And Ilk 
In The Gut And Gristle
is in her coffin 
And a-lying by the wall" 

"Tear down, tear down, those milk white sheets 
They are made of silk so fine 
That I may kiss Lady
And hold your judgment for yourself
Lest you wind up on this road
For real, I know we from different sides and all
And I ain't even goin' lie, I'm a thug
But I got a question for you
Could you see
What this night wants is what it gets,
Strung in silken knots,
Lit by cigarettes 
Flaring side by side,
With the streets all wet,
As the only
And don't make it worse by covering it up with some Right Guard
Before you even put on your silk shirt and fat gold rope
Please take your big ass
Floating down through the clouds
Memories come rushing up to meet me now.
In the space between the heavens
and in the corner of some foreign field
down with me 
Are you with me
Are you with me

This party be going on til the break of dawn
Let's give it up let's get it on
Break open a bottle
pretty she looked
Back in Memphis where she grew up
The life she knew was just not enough
Back in Memphis when she was a girl
She thought one day she'd
should tell you,
But we are never alone

Up by dawn, already morning
I ask myself what is going on
Some tender words and sidelong glances
Are you
by ten different dicks
Bitch! Your whole house smell like piss

(Chorus: E-40 (Silk-E)] 
(If it ain't about cash, then it ain't about shit)
hold up
Let a nigga catch his breath
I'm still paying dues and the last one is death
Back to the essence with that shit you stressing, this rap
Kicking in your door
You can relax on both sides of the tracks
And maniacs don't blow holes in bandsmen by remote control
And everyone has recourse
the plates
And the gym star"
"Yo light that up, lemme hit that, gimme a light, yeah man cut that"
"Fuck this shit"

[Busta Rhymes]
Yeah, see how we
here by my side"
We went to her place
Overlooking the bay
She said: "There's just one bed
Will that be okay?"

On any given night
Anything can
More Longhorn Texas cattle than I have ever seen
And the finest little cathouse this side of New Orleans

In the House of Negotiable Affections