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Is this my rescue?
Well, I'm bound to walk on by
Will you give me a clue?
Am I grabbin' a lifeline?
Am I passing a test?
Can I be like
Back in the night is the father of hell,
By command that I won't go (? ),
If your a stranger your life is in danger,
So guard your lives.

with contestants entered in the annual Grande Trex, 
the only inter-galactic race. 
This year's event promises excitement to surpass all previous
profoundest hell
Receive thy new possessor...
One who brings a mind not to be chang'd by place or time"

In this abyss we shall be free
Here we shall
I smoke good like a Rastaman
All around me, I'm on point like a octogon
I'm the optimum, I'mma be eating
Until my belly stick out as far
on niggas
This is all original
And brand new, fidgetin' with tracks that are rigid and
Pigeonholin rappers while collectin' dividends at the door
Ya' know