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I met this girl, I think she likes me
I must admit I like her too
She said she'd be working tonight
I said cool I'll drop by and she looked at me,
Let's get it found
Strip it down, down, down

I wanna drop this cell phone now
And let it shatter on the ground
They ain't holdin' nothin' these two
this club only dick is what I gave her

After the club, strip
When I get you home, strip
We on that grown shit baby hop up on this
You ain't never
or black Guiseppe's tonight?
So girl with everything you are
Girl slip on this lingerie
I just wanna be the one
Who's seeing you, baby

Come on, show out,
on sunset through sun-up to sunset
Niggas be on some pimp shit
But you already know this
If you ever know this
By the looks of me baby I'm holdin'
And I
don't rise watch it for I'll be right there
Don't it make you wanna go home now

But there's a six lane highway down by the creek
Where I went skinny
walk like a man
And where it's at is where I am

(What are you wearing?)

I made this skirt from
A groovy curtain
Somebody ripped out of a pretty
(birthday dress, birthday dress)

Girl you fine
I'd be lyin'
If I said I wasn't tryna strip you down
Can we get away? Lemme take you 'round
On my
and the hookers meet
Diners and strip club junk
Bookstores and punk rock clubs

I'm as green as this blade
In the grass that bends
In the wind that blows
thinking about this for some time
I got a freaky temptation burnin' deep inside

You say the strip's already rolling
And the bedroom is the set
I hope
I'm down to fill these empty sacks
Grinding nigga wanna beat this case (Boss)
Gun charge in New York state
Ho niggas up in my face
(birthday dress, birthday dress)
I'll strip you down to your birthday dress (birthday dress, birthday dress)

Oh it ain't gotta be yo' birthday to jam this
(birthday dress, birthday dress)

Girl you fine
I'd be lyin'
If I said I wasn't tryna strip you down
Can we get away? Lemme take you 'round
On my
time you walk by you get my inspection
All you gotta do now is make your selection
And it won't be hard to win this election


I done been
Could be there
Oh oh oh, another day if we get this

Strip me naked and put me down right
Strips me naked, my wings need to blast off
Life is
of your fuckin' collar
[Incomprehensible] I know where I be nigga holla

Yeah, she's got the li'l' crib in the secret location
Laced it, put a strip pole in
Well I go where they go
And I know who I wanna know
We are the in set
They don't trip if you're hip
At the velvet rope off the strip
We are the in
on your shirt when all I wanna do is tear
I hate this bloody big bed of mine when you're not here

Well I finally found someone to turn me

Where you are is where I wanna be....

How we are is all in vain....

.. ..
I wanna crawl down under your skin....

I wanna get to where I
can be sweet, if I want it to be.

This town that I once called home,
I just can't hold on to.
It's got strip malls, and bus stops, and people
and borderless
And then you have to grow wings
And rise above it all
Like there 
Where that hawk is circling
Above that strip mall

More and more there is
I wanna be clean but I gotta get high
It's good to be here, so hard to come by
You bring pain cause you got game
And needles and pins a man can't
Drive...There's more I'll show
You more ~ This is more than just a weekend thing...Out
Every night to where the monsters sing...Righteous sounds
Pumping out my
what I...

I think I have something to say
Just a few words beneath my lips
I'll sing it each time on my way
'Cause there is a truth I wanna strip
got to feed the flame
Inside of me

Layer by layer
You strip the sadness from me
And the dark is slowly
Washed away
I breathe you in
And I'm intoxicoted