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(Solo: Kai)

Hours of lust, hours of tears passing by before my eyes
Today, tomorrow, life
Days of joy, day of sadness come
Bridge: (sung by Kai Hansen)
So many centuries
So many Gods
We were the prisoners of our own fantasty
But now we are marching Against these Gods
La pit m-ga kai bigan
At making kayo
A ko may da la da lang
Bali taga ling saba yanko
Na is kung y pama hagi
Ang m-ga kwento
Ang m-ga pang ya yari
-shek, Madam Nhu
Like I said on _Meet the Press_
'I regret that I have but one country to give for my life

Well now old Dien is gone and dead
All the new
yester worlds
The flame of war desire burns inside my soul.

Spellbound by this blind passion
In battle lust my mind is drowned
Red is the path:to the war
Me and Syngman Rhee, Chiang Kai-shek, Madam Nhu
Like I said on "Meet the Press"
'I regret that I have but one country to give for my life.'"

That's impossible!

How far?

32 kilometers

Shit. HQ this is pilot Quentin Thomas
Accompanied by my first man in charge of infantry William Kai
a moment like this
Is never too high cause you're still doing it
Don't you know that we all stand in line
Our future dreams are just a waste of time
Darkness all around us,
Not a single beam of light
We all have is our faith
No will to win this fight
The time has come to break the outer wall
defiance of death

Seek and destroy...

[Solo Kai - Solo Piet]

Black will be tainted by blazing red
The forces of darkness will burn
We gonna get
Do you believe in the aftreworld
Or the afterlife?
Do you agree there's a place for us
Beyond our life
Where the timeless call for life
Is lost
still shining,
Though it's torn by fights
The brave man, redeemer,
He brought us back to life
(Oh, yeas he did)

Now fall to the ground and pray,
O’s with a V in the middle
You would love it if I went away or didn’t say nothing else
How am I keeping it real by keeping this shit to myself?
This song was first released on the John Denver Album. It is the only album it has been released on.

Life is so good
Life is so good these days
for me
This music you hear
The strength we have inside is
So much more than you will know
But if you can't see the life around
You'll always walk alone
Green Island Serenade
Translation by Ed Peaslee

This green island is like a boat,
Floating in the moonlight.
My darling, you too
Are floating in the sea
Life is just a kind of fairytale
Narrated by a lunatic for man
The hope in life is clouded by eternal haze

Tell me what you mean?
Do you think
Dear Mrs. Roosevelt, don't hang your head and cry;
His mortal clay is laid away, but his good work fills the sky;
This world was lucky to see him
is never seen
and all the hopes are turned
by the final cry
Turned to Stone 
Turned to Stone 
Turned to Stone 
Turned to Stone 
da glug down liquor
Life goes on for all the day trippers
Starts off small but it's gonna get bigger 
By the end of this letter it may all be better
you got? a bunch of threats
I'm running with vests, so let me make this clear
Kai-Bee and Brainsick yeah we up in here
Livin our life, but son you only
what the hell is y'all talkin' 'bout?
I been in the house all night
I don't know nothing 'bout that shit, man
I got the album right here, man, send this
Umm, uh what the fuck, what time is it?
I swear I parked my car, shit

Aye, light hit my face sun brought the heat
Open my eyes, see my car
Voices are calling from somewhere below
Melting on the eastern shore
Rain is falling down on me,
Been waiting for eternity...
I'll be there!
Translators: Sound of Music liner notes (corrected by T.M.)

Number five!

anata no koto itsumo
Kangaeru tabi ni
Nandaka fukôhei na