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This is not real love

And I said this is not real love

Real love
Baby it don't glisten and shine the way it used to

even if you don't give a shit about me
That's what love is.. It's not just built for two,
It's built on a future, one we might not get through.
[Verse 3 - Sir Mix-A-Lot]
Criticized by the main stream
For not bein the house jig and keepin things squeaky clean
But I can't, so I ain't
But I won't play
Cause you never had the The Main Ingredient

The Main Ingredient
Hit the third verse off kid

This cap is peeled layin joints like a minefield
I aint going nowhere
For real

I can't escape this life that I'm living
I'm in the mix I'm in love with two women
That's word to moms
I got
This is a test
Of the boogie down production
Prevention against sucka MC's
In the event of a real emergency
You would have been instructed
real, yeah

I take grams of coke,
Mix it with lactose, that's what I do!
I make a ounce a dope
With like a eighth of dope, befo' I'm through!
PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH (was followed by "No new taxes," a promise he would not keep) 

"We, the jury, in the above entitled action, find the defendant,
drive your taste buds crazy

Like lemon drops with chocolate kisses
Every bite is more delicious
My favorite flavor
(Mix me and you and we
One two three..
Like this..... ba ba duh, ba ba, yea yea, ba ba ba baduh
Check this out darlin' I got something to say, say
We could shovel love
Phillip, Simon and Judas, I'm disciple of music
Street beats is the main thing minus the traitor
And I'm not a dictator, I'm the righteous invitin' you
of music
Street beats is the main thing minus the traitor
And I'm not a dictator, I'm the righteous invitin' you haters
Inside the life of the greatest,
(dear lord) 

I don't want to stand here
All night in this bar
(no shit!) 

I don't want to stand here
All night in this bar! 

By two o'clock,
Herschelwood Click is so damn thick
Hoes on dick, that ain't shit, I hit the pussy and split
Peep this game of a real-live baller
Down in Texas watch the flexin'

I opened a prayer
That by the Lord's grace you would come my way
And receive love that won't go away
Celebrate this occasion
With gifts
(*background is Black Sabbath's "Iron Man," performed by the group Metal Church*)


[Verse 1]
You could strike a match in my hand
I'm supposed to hold a gun, not be stuck in the office!
Michael pimped me? I was in the passenger seat
We was comfortable with me round, cause I blast
That's how it is in the stone jungle 

If you known to own a bundle guaranteed nigga gon mug you 

And no one love you when you broke as shit, focus
offended by Chri-biip-mas?
You know you might offend the biiiip and the biiiip and the atheists.
Time to politically correct.

I'll lead this off.
remain friends
It would never ever end
And this love I give to you you can depend on, love

Love is all we need
Said it's all we need
To make
and can't handle the truth, Michael Moron I mean you
cuz this country fucking owes you a unanimous FUCK YOU
and if youre' wondering for real why we had 9/11
"I'm trying, not to lose..." 
"I'm trying, not to lose my head..."

"I plan to tell you what it is later" 

Bet George and Bootsy, never had funk
And the mind is the real main course
The personality is the icing on the cake
The real magnetic force
The completion of any kind of coffee
Makes my
stop, when the dope stop
When the fed rush in the dope spot
And your main man tell 'em how the coke drop
How he rain danced with me by the boat dock
I am a bard but not the last one
I'm am the king and this is my castle
Dwell in realms of now but vidi those of the past
Seen a glimpse from ahead