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I believe that it's in grace that I will someday remain

And amazing grace how sweet is this sound
my joy is coming back again
I have worried
and amazing grace
Is a place I keep finding myself
Yeah I get a little crazy trying to have a little fun
Then I end up back where I started from
Down on my
Love unchanging
God Your mercy never fades
And I'm surrounded
By Your compassion and Your grace

Your love
Brighter than the sun
to sing with this neighbor of mine

That's why grace is so amazing
That's why love is so absurd
That's why I sing for a god unchanging
That's why I
been bitten by a snake in a church
While you sang "Amazing Grace"
If you never had to bribe a border guard
To overlook that one suitcase

If you never
bitter cup

I've messed up so many times
It's my past that I'm haunted by
If I'm ever going to truly live
Grace I must accept, grace I must give
place you were scarred
This the song for a new generation
The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords
His name is Jesus forever we're singing

Like a machine in pursuit, on the horizon like a raging fire, we move, 

driven by questions in an endless search for truth. there is
I need to say 
That God is in this place 
And God is right by your side 
You need to know 
That anywhere you go 
Just by faith his love will
The final price paid by His life amazing grace

So we pray tonight, that you don't get weak
And please pray that I, don't forget what I believe
'Cause these
a stringer up
Got a mess of fish
I drive away with a smile on my face
Knowing that this place is blessed
By God's amazing grace


Know matter
I heard a melody
That amazing grace can save
It doesn’t matter what I’ve done
I’ve been washed in mercy’s waves

And they may that love only
on us
That we should be called children of God

How great, how great
Is God’s amazing grace
That we should be called the children of God
How great,
and pardoned my soul
Amazing grace that I would be allowed unto your throne
Not by my own will but solely by Your will alone
I'm unworthy of this love you
of wind and dust

This precious chance to get this dance
To get to live this life and feel
This time and place, amazing grace
The spirit wind is real
To all that is me. 

And will you sing this song again?
Let us sing it hand in hand,
While the band is still playing.
Before the light can loose your
Western Culture from unknown enemies 

Military power pushed by the industries 
Rain forest? Who cares about some fuckin' trees 
This is for all our
amazing is his grace 
When He picks me up every time I fall 
Great and mighty, He's so powerful (You are) 
You are all we need and more 
We will never
Amazing Grace ! How sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me! 
I once was lost, but now am found.
Was blind but now I see.

In evil long I
the shelf

This song is inspired by a good man and his tune
Thinking good of others sing 'Amazing Grace' to you
It doesn't really matter if you're all jumbled
the one
Who is with you
Every step of the way
I'm thanking the Lord for blessing you
With your warmth and grace
Anyway you want, where you want,
his version of Amazing Grace
'Cause that's the song being sung over you
By the God who breathes life into you

You are being loved, you are being loved
thank God for what you have
'Cause I could be raising my family in this place
But I was born an American
By Gods Amazing Grace. 

You want to talk about
signs full of bullet holes
Back then when he was raising hell
You knew he was coming by the blue lights on this tail...look out

Go tell the sheriff,
I confess
Me and Top is like a Kobe and Phil
A father figure fuck with him, you get killed
Fuck with me and he will kill you himself
TDE the mafia