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Ah-yo, can you feel it?
I know that everybody's heard of that (Vapors)
But this is the 98 version of that
Biz Mark, one of the founders of this art
And tried to get this job as a label intern
Them niggas was killing me, cause wasn't nobody feeling me
A&Rs wouldn't even risk demo-dealing me
Can you
at the Grammy's show
By refusing to play and refusing to go
And then just when we thought fame would last forever
Along come this band that wasn't even together
impress easily, D-E-L is eager to be
The founder of the fragrance and watch the vagrants
Scatter like rats in the sewer as we do 'em like two secret

Now was Kanye the most overlooked? Yes sir
Now is Kanye the most overbooked? Yes sir
Though the fans want the feeling of A Tribe Called Quest
versions of Feeding of the 5000
By jerks whose only fuck off to the system has been one off the wrist?
It's the Feeding of the 5 Knuckle Shuffle.