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down in the hood, willin' with that advice
But it's beat the other nigga, gettin' killed tonight

Some things'll neva change
Some things'll neva
thousands fans, 40 niggas on stage
I heard 40's 40 but 40 don't act his age

40 stay relevant, 40 ain't never played
40 ain't a punk, 40 will pull
What a crummy weekend this has been
Well, this sure ain't no E-ticket
Think I'll tell them where to stick it
'Cause I'm never coming back this way
against the wall

[Master P]
I shed tears for pain 40, some for anger
Seen bloodshed by crooked cops, and gang bangers
Feel my pain only time'll change
sellin' everything
I'm on the move, I ain't called mama in a couple days
This life and nothin' will ever change that
I love the game and we'll never give
Fifty caliber street sweeper
Shots from Shaolin that go to Masapeaqua

Things'll never be the same, after this one
Ghostrider spit flame, lay back
seen 'em all.
An' the only way things'll ever change,
Is to set your feet on the outbound lane.
Oh, how did she know,
One day I would follow?
Girl ya makin' me want to
If you like, we can change the scene
And go somewhere with me
Ya body's callin' me
You already know what I wanna do

clothes ain't know what to call mine
No logos or no tags in it
No polos 'til I started bag-gin' it

Way before my first key
My nigga E showed me how
ought to not (ought to what?)
Even attempt to run up you'll get taught (that's right)

[B-Legit & E-40]
By some chitterling eating hog maw
Water, what's wrong with the game?

[Verse 4: E-40]
I'm ten years hung in this shit, if I was up to heart
My nigga got dick, her is his, by selling
from the beginnin
[E-40] You know how we've been gettin down
[Bosko] I know you want this too
[E-40] We just friends right?
[Bosko] We should never stop
Yeah E-40 and the muthafuckin see-l-I-see-k in this muthafucka, you know
I got my cousin Kaveo on the muthafuckin side of me
We fin to spit
by ten different dicks
Bitch! Your whole house smell like piss

(Chorus: E-40 (Silk-E)] 
(If it ain't about cash, then it ain't about shit)
laughin' at crooked cops 

I guess I'm doin' what I gotta do 

As long as I stay TRU, until they put me through 

I know its a shame, things'll never
the world
And let's change the world

Everyday the devil at me, and I wish the Lord throw a Hummer at me, I ain't happy
Me and Eazy E in a B-E-N-Z, with
the world
And let's change the world

Everyday the devil at me, and I wish the Lord throw a Hummer at me, I ain't happy
Me and Eazy E in a B-E-N-Z, with
anywhere they can go.
And trouble may come in sometime you get pulled
Over by one time and when its 1999 the one didn't even make any stride.
Murder all
It be her friends nigga that's who
It be your bitch friends nigga they be..
Nigga they be all up in your mix nigga
I don't even, ay nigga
on your shoulder, I got a clip in my holster
The difference between us, is I'm focused
Nowadays e'rybody wanna talk about me
But you know you can't
Give you forty and then some
Whatever it takes
Three dollars and change at the pump
The cost of livin's high and goin' up

I put Robert down
Please don't mistake me or try to make me
The shadow of anybody else
I ain't the him or her you think I am
I'm just trying
Fantasies that everything would be ok 
People grew up people change 
Things'll never be the same 
But I know I miss you so fucking much
change it
What you are is what you'll always be
They say that I should give up
Once you're down you'll never get up
But that's not the truth for me
that independent paper
all about my ruh-uh-rap, uh-should I shine
beat a muthafucka uh-duh-down, e'ry time
40 get yo marbles man, get yo change