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Go hard or go home
Lord use me up

Lord kill me if I don't preach the gospel
I'm still in my 20's- but I'll die if I got to
Already dead- so
I looked at the ground and wondered
How many years they each had roamed.
And Lord I do remember
On that day in late December
How my eyes kept
Young Rich and Slick's got ya
Well in peace
I don't know why they wanna call me up every Easter Sunday to the altar
Maybe the music I am doin' is never
Listen to them
The children of the night
What sweet music they make

I share Carmilla's mask
A gaunt mephitic voyeur
On the black side
chillin' by the million
Tranquilo by the kilo, nigga, nigga
And I got kilos by the speedboat
And I ain't talkin' 'bout that work
I'm talkin' 'bout that
never end

My black magic creates tragic fates like back fractures upon magistrates
that disagreed with what Necro advocates
If you know thugs for 4
has taken place that we are governed by fools?

We've had problems from self-appointed Gods from Bishops to MPs.
They've tried to ban our