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Yo, I was born to survive, A soldier and I strive 
With a duty to civilize these 85's 
See man streets is a wiseman, an original black man 
destruction in the end 
Men of hate, men of war 
Fallen is your star, low 
Down with halbert, down the sword 
No more marching by the Lord 
Feach Mac Hugh,
Mac Shawn:
Daz nigga wanna hoes right here man
These bitches better have a rack on
A G strap

Daz Dillinger:
I had one hell of a night
Two freak ass
wit my hand on Mac 10 handle
Schemin' on you niggaz

By myself in my four corner room watchin' Hard Boiled
I feel like I'm crazy, my brain on drugs
the cock
I mack, kick back, and stack that cash
I throw these things fool, don't make me tap that ass
The Mac named Dre is the man for real
Hoes want
by his house, so who you tryin' to dial
If you're lookin' for an answer, you're probably gonna find it now
And to the man in the hat standing lookin'
of dyin' rich
With a team and clientele on my mothafuckin' dick
And gettin' down on these snitch bitches, protectin' riches
By givin' stitches, the life
'em up, put your hands in the air
These are the words that I dread to hear
Hijack almost everywhere
Hostage here hostage there
Held up for ransom
to hold that shit 
Empty the can with one hand and reload that shit

Give 'em the full clip 
These niggas is bullshit
Been talkin' big six but scared
We the motherfuckin' best!
You haters can't stop me, I'm a franchise
You're now rockin' with the best, put your hands high

Do it, do it, I'mma
Piscataway, 8 Ki's I have we lay
Half today, my whole island like Gilligan its fast away

By the way, [whats up dawg] who's hardest
Probation over yeah, ima
Trick, it's the infamous Macs from the I
Hit the switch, in the Lac, and go from low-to-high
Drive by, yeah G loves swamp rat and thug dumpin
The barrel started burning my hand and I couldn't hold it 

Still I reloaded, and got another round first 

It seems like these always pre-rehearsed
featuring Da Unda Dogg  Dangerous Dame  JT the Bigga Figga 

[Da Unda Dogg] 

Whassup boy? 

[Mac Dre] 

What's happening playa  just
pants, yeah
Bury a million in the sand, by the clock tower
Before I die, take a hot shower

Ride the Harley into the sunset

By chance I seen her in
a long gun
Call the mac the chicken wing cause it got it's own drum
I know these niggas sick of me
'Cause I done had a long run
Countin' all this
Compton, Compton, Murderville
You heard these niggas is gangsters, and they kill
Rob and steal, my niggas will peel at will
For real they real, niggas
I open my eyes to the streets where I was raised as a man
And learned to use my hands for protection
In scuffles, throw all my blows in doubles
like the round out the tank 

Told y'all nigga 
We putting it down 
That's it no more no less 
But I got Mac, Kane & Abel up next 
So Mac
[Intro: Ghostface Killah]
Uh huh, ba-by, ba-by, uh, it's goin' down
This is that muthafuckin' nigga (off the sound)
Yeah, uh, bulletproof
He was hurting, I can see it, plenty tears, no Kleenex
I stood by his side because that was my homie
Gave him a hug, some of his brother's blood
trapped by drum tracks mac loud as gun claps
Pin a crab nigga to death of a thousand thumbtacks
The Wu Sensai fold, it bees the Wind Ninja scroll
Soul edged
ya hands up bustless, busters, boosters, hoes
Everybody, fuck that
Still nowhere to go, sill nowhere to go

Two words, United States, no love, no
[Intro: Ghostface Killah]
Uh huh, ba-by, ba-by, uh, it's goin' down
This is that muthafuckin' nigga (off the sound)
Yeah, uh, bulletproof
mothafuckin sunny day
Stayin in my tub like I was told by young Mac Dre
I said in the last I'ma savage when I go up in 'em
Another fuckin hoe be bendin over for