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more than a billion, dispear, eh
It keep on suppressing the humble man's opinion

This lead into Swiss cheese when the 5th squeeze
Mislead the media
(natures retaliation)

All the fields are
Smoke and flame, fire in the sky
It's a state of emergency
Much more than meets the eye
Just hide
I'm just twenty-some-odd years, I done lost my mother
And I cried tears of joy, I know she smiles on her boy
I dream of you more, my love goes
Whose tears on a gaping voice
Who's stretching arms match
The hunger of mine
There lips will they never join
But always draw me closer
It had me shook drinking
Peppermint schnapps with Jackie Wilson and Sam Cooke
Then some lady named Billie Holiday sang
Sittin' there kickin' it with
when they'll stand for no more
Hear the passion in their voices see the heaven in their eyes
Their hopes and schemes are waiting dreams of less than
long ago
My hands are tied, 
My soul is bound to a voice
I can't control

Now baby will you listen
There's more than meets the eye
This is
other shit
But we’ll stand beside you, 'cause somewhere deep inside you
There’s more than what meets the eye
I swear on the Bible you were my idol
greater, and my honed steel was sharper than bestial fang and
claw. And so they ranged their finest warriors against me. Three more iron
gates around
Looking now at nothin' more than
Two lost souls 
Lookin' to meet at the cross roads
I burn the hydro
Lay back with my eyes closed
In deep thought like
to be fam of yours
Looking now at nothin' more than
Two lost souls 
Lookin' to meet at the cross roads
I burn the hydro
Lay back with my eyes closed
and firey smokey eyes
And never can you run fast enough as you trip and fall aside

One morning when this life is over I will fly away
No more shackles on my
did enchant my ears. 
I feel my eyes release the tears. 
I know the answer now. to die, I an 
No longer afraid somehow. and now I know 
That there
the is place you'll see me
Brace yourself cause this goes deep
I'll show you the secrets to sky and the birds
Actions speak louder than words
Stand by
really want to know what's Heaven Like 
(wanna know what's heaven like)
If I closed my eyes, will I see a better life
(gotta be a better place than this)
Their names are engraved permanently on the Vietnam wall.
More than 17 million members of the armed forces perished during world war2. 
1 million,
What abject despair demands an end
To all things of infinity?
If we have gained, how do we now meet the
What have we bargained, and what
crazy, and plainly
It simply is not enough.

What is the dullest and bluntest of pains,
Such that my eyes never close without feeling it there?
right there back-to-back with me, my first war
Even had a crack spot together, the first floor
Used to buzz em in then meet him right by the first door
thoughts could lock. 

I'm tired of trying to understand. 
Perceptions are mangled matted and knotted anyway. 
Life is more than what meet the eye and I,
and eyes lock till tear ducts flood with rivers of pain
love won't let them leave, there was a hold on his heart
as much as my death hurt, it couldn't tear
you more than a man, who's ten feet tall
I watch the sun rise, in your eyes
We're so in love, when we hug, we become paralyzed
Our bodies explode in
Preying on a mind filled with fear,

To all your 'enlightened' ideas.
Yet I will show you more than
You can comprehend,
Beware delusion is
To a parallel prize

The walks by faith
The sight lines lie
How am I gonna tag along
With one tin ear
And one glass eye?
Well I...

I can't get there
couldn't get near
And the sheer frustration was more than I could bear
I was really cursed, thought I'd been through the worst part
That was just