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Lion Of Judah
Words and music by Ray Boltz and Steve Millikan
Messiah would come
The earth would rejoice
The people start to sing
For they would
The poor women weeping at what seemed a great loss
Trembling in fear there at the foot of the cross
Tormented by memories that came like a flood
all its rays

Thinking the world was mine to be lost in
I ran with freedom and sank in between
For I have the path of wonder
There before me

the morning dew?

I go to tend the flocks I love
The ewes and tender lambs
That pasture by the myrtle grove
That gambol by their dams
There I enjoy a pure
you and I. 

Like a bashful boy to shudder 
From a ray of light, 
A coward by design. 
While across this crowded town 
There's a girl who bleeds
woman, boy" 
Uh oh 
     And he stood about seven foot four 
Oops! Oops! 
     As they walked away I stood there 
     Feeling kinda sad and kinda
they came was to watch the lamb.

"Daddy, daddy, What will see there,
There's so much that we don't understand",
So I told them of Moses and Father
You were all the rays of sunlight
Shinin' gold to me
Every color of the rainbow
I was blessed by her decree

You were every moment's magic
an innocent lamb 
Now I can never show my face at noon 
And you'll only see me walking by the light of the moon 
The brim of my hat hides the eye of a beast
of my feet
While there's a moon over Bourbon Street

It was many years ago that I became what I am
I was trapped in this life like an innocent lamb
a dream that every creature came
And stood assembled by his side
And he painted the sight that had sweetened his night
For the one hundred times before
night Daddy said
"Some guy's on the porch with a big bouquet"
You stood there with your slicked-back hair
And honey, I was blown away

And when we
the truth
Then please call upon my children
For they never needed proof

I am silenced by your intellect
Confounded by your brain
I have stood before
If tonight you stood in heaven's court
To seek eternal favor
Would you face Jesus Christ as judge
Or face him as your savior
There are many who
Then I Saw A Lamb Looking As If It Had Been Slain
Standing In The Centre Of The Throne
Encircled By The Four Living Creatures
And The Elders
He Had
The Magnolias, Camellias and Azaleas so sweet
And I stood there invisible in the panicking crowds
You looked so beautiful in the rising heat
I smell smoke, see
gasp in belief
And I opened up my eyes
And I watched in wonder
This beautiful one stood to his feet
I looked up and there was a great trone and there
drove up to me 
and they yelled what dumb rich kids usually yell, "Hey, faggot," 
and showered me with some water. 
So, I stood there thinking, what
Stood here looked at my life
That's what I've been doing by night
Then I begin to doubt me, sometimes empty
But then there comes a ray of light

the pain that stood there before
[A:] This is the power age
So get with it, o'yeah, you belong
There's only one force that makes you strong

[A:] OH..
muh'fucker at
Everywhere we have on repeat
The jailhouse, Saint Peter, right street
Part of there where dude by the Duvall
Man the fuck up, perservere
waltzed my Matilda all over
Then in 1915, my country said "son
It's time you stopped rambling, there's work to be done"
So they gave me a tin hat,
He is alive
He is alive

We sing hallelujah
We sing hallelujah
We sing hallelujah
The lamb has overcome

If there are words for Him, then I
and there I sought for the pay-streak of my dreams.

So twenty years, with their hopes and fears and smiles and tears and such,
Went by and left me long
The Magnolias, Camellias and Azaleas so sweet
And I stood there invisible in the panicking crowds
You looked so beautiful in the rising heat
I smell smoke, see