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the night impaled by Cyrus
Under the moon I'll be by your side

My flower, how I adore the shine of thy life, that I have to destroy
You can't heal
a stage and perform
Take me by the hand when I'm lost and tell me a poem
Yeah tell me that story about the storm like how it rains
That's just angels
the puzzle
And while they're not lookin', the angel got tooken
Welcome to the gray space between fingerprinting and booking
Do your best 'cause the lesson is
out the P's
Broke heads is sled, slidin' through, two' five in my sleeves
Eggs and cheese, young niggas, by any means
We was saved watching Malcolm
a nation, listen

[Killah Priest]
Was this my fate, to be judged in this place
Angels watchin' me, I step up to plead my case
I see his face in black space
genius on the loose 
And I pack the deuce deuce of some act right juice 
I'm in my own, space and time 
The elevation of my rhymes elevates your mind
a brief reminder
My salary has not been paid
Send it care of the ghost by return of post
P.t.o. no one likes a debtor
So it's better if my orders are
Where it is split between those who have and those who ain't got

I throw a Molotov cocktail at the precinct, you know how we think
spitter, start into space, it's like the moon and sun
How many worthy of Heaven? No, not one
Throw the devil in a bottomless pit, judgment begin
Angel from
an angel but
Can you take some time to see about me (I'm tired of the pain)

Verse 2:

I'm seeking the father in this wicked land, man
I'm a believer so I
the minds of most men
? from the quarantine, praying for the end
You can tell by the stench that the venom's setting in
On the plane in which you reign, it's
feeling good against her arms and legs and fingertips are measuring the
Distance in the spaces in between me and you and all your friends when there's no
the excuse of 'National Security'
By the lying shits who were interested only in saving their political skins.
It didn't matter a fuck to them how many died
might die if I go by it
Let me out of this place I'm outta place
I'm in in outter space, I've just vanished without a trace
I'm going to a pretty place
Wahlberg was Marky Mark
This is how we used to make the party start
We used to mix hen' with Bacardi Dark
And when it kicks in you can hardly talk
And by
how much I resistance 

From somewhere wicked in the West this way comes 

It seems that we underestimated Satan once again 

Time marches on but
How Does It Feel?

Woo woo!
Yessur! aha
New Skateboard P
Let's go get 'em
Yo, hola

Mearle maire, club muchacho
With a weapon of mass destruction double you MD's
I'm a TMC trouble to MCs
Destroy colonies with UCAVs
I send in no less than twenty 18s
Wipe you out

[Verse 2]
What a world what a world that we live in
People try to steal your babies and drugs is what is given
To a child by a child it's the style
the black blocks

Poppin' shit to my homeys about how my gat pop
Got rid of that chrome thing and got back a black glock
P ninety hold ten but I had six shots
By my name of hieroglyphics you could say I'm prolific
I left something for lost ones who missed the space ship
All aboard these concepts beyond
Wooo wooo! [in background] 
Yessur! aha 
New Skateboard P 
Let's go get 'em 
Yo, hola 

[Verse 1] 
Mearle maire, club muchacho
man deep 
In a stolen jeep 
Wit heat 
Keep the space between niggas and me ever 
What? Ballin' outta control??!! 
Nah, petty theivin' 
Leavin' no
clean, in my dirty three pullin' machine
Jeans with tightly packed booty caught my eyes
My mind started to wonder about the prize between her thighs
When suddenly johnny gets the feeling he's being surrounded by
Horses, horses, horses, horses
Coming in in all directions
White shining silver studs with