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[Wyclef Jean]
Wyclef, chillin with Angie
Live at Jimmy's, worldwide baby

[Chorus: Wyclef]
Suavemente, be-sa-me
Angie Martinez
(Jimmy P. Brown II, George Ochoa, Roger Martinez)
It's the beat
They say is satanic, ha ha ha
It's the beat
That causes the flesh to give in
Music by bobby stalker & jay tee rogers
Lyrics by jay tee rogers & melanie thornton

I apologize
For being faithless
I apologize
We all have
Corazon, (?) aiy aiy esta Angie Martinez, 'ta Cuban Link why Domingo
Una cosita aiy que te voy a poner para los pie,
A sete bailar, tu ve el berau;
to niggaz
Now he can't say hi on the street, big boy

I knew Angie Martinez - 12 o'clock midnight nobody listened to her show
Now she want to rap

Graso, vamos pa'l club [unverified] seguro que no
Que ahi eta Angie Martinez, 'ta Cuban Link why Domingo
Una cosita ahi que te voy a poner por los