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in Thebes
Enthroned with cat-skinned girls
Her long dark hair braided with pearls

A red gown split revealed her thighs
As full lips rose
ignition - lift off
Nightflight to Venus
Way out there in space
Nightflight to Venus
Our new fav'right place

Nightflight to Venus
All systems are go
it's right
By the bed, by the light that you read by

By the time that I get home to say good night
I need to see you again
On the dark side my
are by my side
You are by my side

Once in a lifetime
It's just right
And we are always safe

Not even the bad guys in the dark night
Could take it all
Angels by my side

Still the light will pierce the dark
And the dark will steal the light
And grace provides these
Angels by my side
I was trained in Arizona,
In a secret desert camp
Where we did night manoeuvres
Without a lighted lamp.
I've got an old worn Trilby hat
right here
Tomorrow you'll be fine
I will be here for you
Standing by your side

So come home, come home

You built those walls
To hide your fears
Hain and God ain't no joke 
Ya better watch ya neck cause ya might get choked 
I'm dodgin' arrows from the dark side everyday 
And I'm a main target
The night before Christmas alone in the dark
Not a creature is stirring except for my heart
This old house without you just don't feel right
Oh, what
We take long drives with no destination in mind
I don't care where we're going as long as you're by my side

Right by my side, it's so right
what you got to just to get over the hill
When you live in America, either kill or be killed, yo

Lord have mercy, have mercy
I know I ain't living right
She comes down yellow mountain 
On a dark flat land she rides
On a pony she named Wildfire
Whirlwind by her side
On a cold Nebraska night

by side
I ain't in it for the money honey
they drilled a hole right through my mind
drilled a hole right through my mind

Science is just a pack
Or a spaceship in a meteor shower
We're all on board [Incomprehensible]
When we land it'll be better

But the abomination's on my right
And the left side's just
fueled by her coals and he was coming to catch her
Lose the sense of time
Nail down the blinds
And in the succulent dark there's a sense of ending
All right and honorable gentlemen and lady too,
Will kindly try to restrain themselves in derring-do
As verbal hard graffiti flies and echoes wall
long hair blowin' as we stood for the band

Oh, Hollyann

We made the dark into light
We saw the wrong and the right
We were for life
And we
Stay with me,
My love I hope you'll always be
Right here by my side if ever I needed you
Oh my love

In your arms,
I feel so safe and so secure
know it won't be the same
But I'm saving your place by my side
I may not be right
You know I'll stand by
Whatever it is you decide
Please look in my
The darkness has landed
A moon on the sky
Dark coven gathered
For the nocturnal right
A cloak on his shoulders
Bell and dirk in his hands
High priest
Thundering down over valleys and hills
Onward they ride, always side by side
The legend tells about the templars,
The mighty men, who walk in
that I made love to
It was in a park
In the lower pleasure gardens in Bournemouth
In summer just after dark

My mind was reeling: Oh what a feeling.
afraid, I know who I married
Just let me stay here by your side
And that would be enough

(If you see him in the street, walking by her side
Talking by
and seas 
To the old hill 
Where the old dragon sleeps 
Blind in the dark dungeon's night 
So God please take me away from here 
And Gollum shows
To the old hill
Where the old dragon sleeps

Blind in the dark dungeon's night
So God please take me away from here
And Gollum shows the way right out