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And fall apart (3)

And why did you say
That things shall fall

From: In The Shadow of The Angel

by Chris McCarter
by ike and tina as "tina's prayer"
Be-side of the "I don't wanna fight" single

I'm talking to the priest
The high priest
And everybody out there in
Parody of Jackson by Johnny Cash (G. Rogers/E. Weeler), Bexhill Music Corp. (ASCAP)/Quarter Music Inc. (ASCAP)
New lyrics by Cledus T. judd and Chris
Just in case you forgot, we go by the runners, hold up
Chris Brown, this what we do, we do this

I be throwin' up my cash, actin' like money ain't
at all you haters
I'm so high I hear your prayers
I'm just blessed to make a livin'
Where I'm from I won't forget it
Makin' millions by the minute
At this
I'm a hustler, ladies man, of course a playa,
So say ya, prayers when I park the gator
Ya neighbors, suspect some suspicious