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out my mind

Full disclosure
Coming sponsored by no one
Take me over and blow out my mind

Encourage friendships and break the atmosphere
You're living no interest, depressed by isolation
Have you found your voice?
The great demoralization
get by with so much less than anyone 

Deceived entrapment through belief 
Disclosure would decree accusations would be shed 
Instead we stand over
[lyrics by Birgit Lages]

born from illusions, bread by dreams
No one can follow us.
We were gone before we came, alone, eternal
Dark and damned
and the humanity boggy.
Blood flow through the streets.
Mandkind means sickness!
By the order of the devil they march and destroy [x2]
And the mind remains
Searching for meaning to this life
Playground, the self
Awaking forever day by day, in bleak disclosure
Hoping to find serenity in a silent dream
(really great)
In contrast, you really suck (really suck)
Okay, full disclosure, we’re not that great
But nevertheless, you suck

Your sports team will soon
Originally performed by Anvil
Scraping the Earth in search of the essence
Metallic rock ore where iron is present
Extraction smelters burn hot with
convoluted, polluted, and distorted
I ran with the only information I was given
I turned it into my armor, my defense mechanism
And my weapon of self
believe so make me a liar if you think you can prove
The souls of all ran out of daylight
Into the light of night

Love is Evolution by decision
He's educated by a defense-mechanism
To encase the mind's status
Still he feeds images of catastrophism
To his think-apparatus

This dominance is integral to
All human's ways and actions
The necessity to keep at disposition
An object or being desired by another

to your night realm we bow. Nocturnal majesty, sworn to black we'll always be. Damnation's diction, a deadly disclosure, our poisons in their goblets drip.


United we're faceless
Swalled by the masses
A mechanism flawless
Infallible and lawless
An operation soulless
The optical nerve screened off since birth,
Alone where the proximity of darkness reposed
By undiscovered mysteries, as concealed in dirt
I got it hemmed - mad methods to microphone mechanism from inner city 

curriculm to cuttin edge for headz like circumcisions in yah mental
o'clock - 2 million miles away.
Stand by for emergency manoeuvre.
Object coming closer at the speed of light. We have 8 more seconds.
Change course by 4
mode of locomotion, strange and odd
With a spiny tail mechanism with hooks and a protracted tube from the abdomen
To enable moisture absorption
By the ocean I sat down one day
Saw my life the other way
All those trials to no avail
Broken dreams was all I bloody gained

Remember well when I
done is done, yes,
Let it lie

It's a revelation,
Times collide,
Watch the world awaken

All the past regrets from days gone by
ay yea
In the afternoon

Here’s my disclosure
I’m a little sneaky
Underneath the moon
I’m on good behavior
I don’t get too freaky
But I get
weakened by the sight of it 
You lock into a pattern 
And you know that it's the last ditch 
You're trying to see through it 
And it doesn't make sense
By the ocean I sat down one day
Saw my life the other way
All those trials to no avail
Broken dreams was all I gained

Well, when I was a child
consider uttering words to me
Nervously urging me to keep killing and killing perfectly
Certainly third degree burns followed by having surgery
When he
By the river I sat down one day
Saw my life the other way:
All these trials to no avail!
Broken dreams was all I bloody gained!
Way down,
Carry me