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that the rhythm is phat
Keep it wild, wide, and deep; you could dig it in a jeep
But dig it in the ground because the foot print now

If there's
A song called Highway Star, this one. 
Nobody gonna beat my car
I'm gonna race it to the ground
Nobody gonna beat my car

It's gonna break
Buck 65-Square 3

Music to be murdered by
It is mood music in a juggular vein and I hope you like it
Our record requires only the simplist
as the loving heathen do. 

Colours I've none dark or light, red, white or blue. 
Cold is my touch (freezing). 

Summoned by name - I am the overseer over
The shorties and me G, one of the three gunmen 
Side by side we're on the highway, and lettin' off shots 
The three outlaws, against the cops 

It's like
from here
When every sense is in mono
Walk by faith, you appear
I want to live in stereo

I can't get there from here
Without a G\od-directed go
the form of the Messiah, tight like pliers
Cutting perfect wires, hide like Mayans
The reason they singing the blues is cause these niggas need to retire