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business cards, with your name and the wrong address. Plus six royalty statements, inspected and customized by Rantoon Tan, Hantoon Frammin, and DEE

Vik in the sick captain's pilot suit
Designed by Travolta out his mind
Is in the mind of another culture vulture
Threw him from Tulsa to this
Road by me on the corner, I'm a hold my nuts up
Its finna fuck you wit' dat
But if you a sewer skank let me hit dat
'cause I'm Violent J, ain't even
Well, you know the Juggla jumped in the mixer
Been down the road and I broke a few necks
And I'll break a few more, so what's up?
Road by me
the deuce to the ten
Vinnie a carnivore y'all is arugula fem
Mecca Medina followed by Jerusalem then
I'm a gorilla from the Biblical zoo with the pen