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pumped the pimp
That fed the fiends
He got jumped by the brothers in Ft. Green
They slapped the mack
That kept us back
Sucker suckin' the hood like
to pick up your pen and defend
Cause if you can't, me and my friend, terrorizin all
Revoke all my actions and still won't fall
Stab you all like rag dolls -
in the neighbors garbage (ah Skippy)
He’s making paper dolls decorated with targets (don’t do it)
He’s labeling the dolls with the names of s***ty
Is the Jungle Brothers (yeah)
On a black piece of wax (yeah)
My name is Mike G (uh huh)
On the mix is Sammy B
First in line to kick the rhyme,
garbage going around, know what I'm saying?  A.G. still got it going on,
Showbiz got it going on.  And we going to kick a little flavor like this.
In 1992,