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on my knees
Now that I've found out just what you're doing
With your secret identities

That's really super Supergirl
How you saved yourself in seconds
You can tell by the way she walks 
That she's my girl. 
You can tell by the way 
She talks she woos the world. 
You can see in her eyes 
That no
You'll figure it out with your beautiful mind
I'm living in your world

With everything you do
I'm always so amazed by you
I wouldn't want
the driver
Ci, got the pedal to the medal going super light-speed
They say I'm far to gone, that's right yep, yep
I'm far to gone, these dollars signs, they
(women talking)
You give me a feeling that is so divine
I put you in and I press rewind
Super sex sixty-nine
Any combination anytime
The same
need is another drank and mix there I'll have the bite
XTC and long island iced tea will help a forgetless night
Damn lil momma super tight and all
gotta mention 

The fact that I'm single, I like to mingle" 

And one more time bust the fresh jingle 


[Super Sperm] 4X 

Verse Three:
Super friends, are you stupid then?
I'll ask you again, are you stupid man?
Did you really think I wouldn't take offense
Flip the fuck out and shoot
Out of my face
I don't know your name
As time goes by
You're the same

The last time that you saw me
I didn't even care
The next time that I
expects this outcome
But still they jump for all the crew
I guess should be happy but I'm still not
Sure that you really love me

Love me...Love
and unsurpassed
Make me forget every moment that went by
And left me so half-hearted
'cause I felt it so half-assed

Spring is super in the supermarkets
Sorta morbid ain't it? This picture that I just painted
It's an epiphany I had I realized just how tainted
Or thinkin really is when in New York when I
Ghetto super Smashing through the sky
And he ain't neva had a cape but he so fly
When you have a problem he'll be by your side
He's on the scene,
someone really cared
Well they'd take the time to spare
A moment to try and understand
Another one's despair
Remember in this game we call life
That no one
These 12 Nights Are Going By So Fast
Pretty Soon Christmas Will Be In The Past
'cause It Really Is My Favorite Time Of The Year
She give super-head 
Just moved in the building, even gave the super head 
I cop big guns that spit super lead 
So, play Superman, end up super dead
alone you´re not
expecting much from anyone maybe that´s the
reason she was so lovely to me but if I get a super
job then I will work work really hard
I'm just another blues from nineteen twenty two,
A super extraordinary flaperoo!
For years I was a dusty on the well-known shelf,
And really
Now me, I work at Harold?s Super Service
We specialize in service all the way
And there's only one thing that really bugs me
Is that big ol' guy in
to the well
But that doesn't matter anymore
I'm sure that we can tell
Who's a puppet on a string
An' who really holds the glove
But it ain't up you and me
Found the guy I want the rest of my life with
We on some husband and wife shit
I don’t really care, 'cause I know that I like it

And when the clouds
Found the guy I want the rest of my life with
We on some husband and wife shit
I don’t really care, 'cause I know that I like it

And when the clouds
When I was a kid I was a lazy child
Always skipping school, I was really wild
My poor old dad, he went insane
'cause of his little bitch and her
by your stride cause you don't really walk baby, you glide

I'm all about it when you strut (strut)
Cause I really really like to see you when you
a Super Bowl
But they don't really see me though

With contact lenses say he don't smoke
I'm rolling up and let the contact get him
He even choked