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Pre>cmaj9 320010 dmaj9 xx0220

see cmaj9, am, f (four times)
Intro oooohs

see g see f
I used to think that it all stopped happening
See cmaj9 am f
(Chorus- Banks) 
G-Unit, G-Unittttttt,G-Unit, G-Unittttttt,G-Unit,G-Unit (repeat) 

(50 Cent-between Banks) 
G-Unit nigga that's what's up
Defeat is a Buddah opportunity 'cause that's a fat chance
You write the white belt and flow slow like Tai Chi
I'm like Freddie Fox(xx) possessed by
number when I'm far away
>From your town
So call me when you have a need
For me
And by the way did you leave in my pocket
This G ????

Ooooh na na na na
and Twista (Wanna kill me) 
Gangsta (Let's ride), hustla (Feel me) 

By know everybody should know, that the kid spit tight, 
And this kid spit
Uh, let's go
Whoo! Drag-on, baby

Come on

[Chorus x 2]
My n****s is the n****s that'll ride with me
My n****s is the n****s
Uh, let's go
Whoo! Drag-on, baby

Come on

[Chorus: x2]
My niggas is the niggas that'll ride with me
My niggas is the niggas
the bottom two, let my wisdom work it out

Big on the underground, can’t knock me down
Vicki Leekx bitches, back by dope demand
I sleep on my talent and I
It's 2gether, whoa
Ooohhh it's 2gether, whoa 

Number 2-G-E-T-H-E-are 
To the CD you play in you car
Drive to, cry to, blow that star
Represent that Long Beach, Represent that D.P.G.
Represent that Long Beach, Represent that P.A.C.

[Jayo Felony]
I had so much beef I should've fucked in
hands tied
Now change your attitude, before you get cracked from different latitudes
By kids that are mad at you � they expect gratitude
the mentals 
First saw Big Daddy at the place called Union Square 
If you went in by yourself, it was a terror 
See, I could do that 'cause my crew is kinda
the kitchen cookin chicken tryin to pay my rent

Shawty rap about gucci stay strapped with a uzi
Murder 1 platinum eatin justice by Tuesday
It's gucci mane
Yes, with the shit that is sure to hit the spot
Oooh hot yes, come in my Dragon's Lair, that's when I turn slayer
Uno better say you're prayer
(Open your
G, felt my tomahawk
Apache, that's me, I'm getting rappers' ass
1 motherfucking 2 motherfucking 3

[Chorus: x4]

You could of been my
the freedom of speech, freedom of speech, article one, the G.G.O,
Can't just fall fo anything man, what's the science behind that?
Can't understand why Bush
crazy life la vida loca homie livin' that thug life
Been raised in violence homicide's my lullaby
Came with the homies and learned to kick it until we
keep it money over bitches
Thugs known to bust on sight
God bless my crazy life la vida loca homie livin' that thug life
Been raised in violence
the bushes with that rifle I've been patiently
Waiting, now that's a virtue
Cause pussy nigga, I'll hurt you
Like the president's approval rating by serving
the store e'ry time
That nigga that be-I-g, go hard e'ry rhyme

Crowns all around I'm right after Martin Luther
No Jr. senior ?cause Bamboo is Antwan Junior
land split Sanchez
Another grip by lif, that's M-R to the L-I
Leave niggas near far for rippin' tongues soft
Searchin' for the center of ya frame,
Get it
Aye, this that fire shit
That spitting through that wire shit
That king, call me sire shit
Yeah, yeah
It’s gonna be some rough times
Warren G doin' it with my niggas from The Ruff Ryders
Eve, my nigga Drag-On
Yeah, that's how we doin' it, like that for y'all
In the '99
next shit

[Drunken Dragon]
Yo, yo, yo...
They call me Darth Vader when I'm invadin ya space
Raid your area (Yo RZA hit 'em with the mace)
Leave that
dragon all achy, torn between the lending of a helping five knuckles and a charge that won't escape me
(Tha's life)
Sufferin' suckatash buckle ducks in