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Ten Foot Pole/Satanic Surfers (Ten Foot Pole) · Pole Shift (Excuse Me Moses) · Pole Dancing (Hutchinson, Hutch) · In the Shadow of the Gallows Pole (Leadbelly) · Live Totem Pole EP (fIREHOSE) · Jazz Moods: Jazz at the North Pole (Hutchinson, Hutch) · Brass Pole (Mojo Rizin) · Cool Brassy Night at the North Pole (Bacon) · The North Pole Project (Number One Gun) · Go Ride the Music/West Pole (Hutchinson, Hutch) – and 6 other albums »

Got drank in my cup
Like I'm Kirko Bangz
From ashy to classy
Keep up with my ice and my fashion
I take care of my kid with a passion
I pray to God