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I'll never be the vision of a girl who can write poetry
I'll never be the little black dress we've seen on Natalie B.
I'll never be five foot
the rain
Lookin' for a leather jacket
And a girl who wrote her name forever
A promise that -
We belong together
We belong together

Shall we weigh
the girls that hold it down, getting beat on by they man
Respect women, I don't care if they a 2 or a 10
We don't beat on Kat Stacks, we just bring it
Written by pam reswick/steve werfel

Background vocals: natalie cole

Let me look at you, just look at you

You're a sight for sore eyes, yes you are
if you ain't got that pin number dummy, you can't call me
To hook up with Mix you gotta call that number
Then sit by the phone and wonder
Will he
to blow
Lastly you see:
Me, be three by three
Firing these things called TNT

Fire these things called TNT
These things called TNT
They call me TNT
that fat pass BY, why asks why? 
Made my way through the crowd with the side to side 
Then I pushed up on the tush 'cause, uh, I ain't shy!