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rappers say they tryna get they swagger right
Cause I done came wit mo' fire than a dragon fight
Fuck you pussy ass hater you should do you
You ain't
this DICK!


Verse 2: Brother Marquis
It's a position in sex that's done by the masters
It ain't the 69 or what you
Listen party people here's a serious song
It's right not wrong, I should say right on
I gotta tell you somethin' that you all should know
here to stay
Joya Owens:
Baby, can't you see
Our love is meant to be
Stay right by my side
'Cause boy I'll keep you satisfied
Chorus x2
You've got my
Played an old Buck Owens record never ever seen it fail
Got the hungrys for your love tiger by the tail

We're goin' foot stomp stompin'

You know I
(Repeat x2)

Slow dough
Never made it in my neighborhood
It's more Jesse Owens
With the owing's if it's paying good
So we be tryna run baby run
right foot, swingin' both from yo' fist
You better keep it movin' yo' weak ass might get hit
Kids don't count when you buck back too hard
Get ready
(I'm comin'.) 
How ya comin', baby? 
(I'm comin'.) 
This is how I'm comin'. 

The album that I'm comin' with is rough, the flavor's mean.
And I Pop My Shit
Young Buck:
But I Ain't Gonna Change
I Don't Play That Shit
Young Buck:
G-Unit Do Ya' Thang
Young Buck:
These Niggas Want
Shit, And I Pop My Shit
[Young Buck:]
But I Ain't Gonna Change
I Don't Play That Shit
[Young Buck:]
G-Unit Do Ya' Thang
[Young Buck
it but the shit don't stop
It be hot, why'all niggas is worthless in the money market
I'm buck you ain't worth shit, nigga what?
Think about it,
She can tell by the way I'm rapping, gotta rap this up baby that's wuts up

She like a girl gone wild,
can't miss the girl she stand
(that's right!)
Hey girl, just come and hold my hand
Won't you come and chill out with the Virgo (tell 'em, tell 'em)
We sipping on Merlot, you ain't got
buck jump ya bitch

Now we can get it buck in da club
With niggaz I suggest you tuck yo chain
Fuck security find out that they can't do a thang
the juice

From that north north set

Where they rob for the gross

And they divey up the nets

Ain't no talkin fuck some talkin

we gonShoot em in they chest
money money, gotta get that money money money money money

[Bizzy Bone]
I don't give a fuck what they sayin!
Buck buck buck buuuuuuck!

I'm ridin a Caddy
never will
But I got a buck that says
His twenties and his hundred dollar bills

Ain't gonna satisfy you forever
They can only buy so much
I ain't got his
Life'll get so bad it feel like God mad at you
But that's a feeling, baby, ever lose, I refuse
I disabuse these foolish fools of they foolish
Green Eyes
She walked by asking me, "Are you Nas?"
Why? "If you was I'd be totally TWI"
What's that? "Totally with it, T.W.I."
Ha ha, well, here I am, yep
trash [Repeat: x3]

And there ain't no need in your hangin' around 

Just to make a hit with that chick 
I tried to get a Cadillac right quick
wanna do
I had my sights set on a pair of
White buck shoes
But another day
Ain't gonna hurt a thing
No, baby

I ain't waitin' on nobody
a Cadillac right quick
The man at the place he looked so strange
I had 900 bucks and some change

We disagreed
I tried to plead
Well, he said I ain't
(that's right!)
Hey girl, just come and hold my hand
Won't you come and chill out with the Virgo (tell 'em, tell 'em)
We sipping on Merlot, you ain't got
How'd'ya like a mansion in Manhattan
And a cosy cottage by the sea?
How'd'ya like to dress in silk and satin?
Baby, have a little dream on me

super high
Ooh, yeah, ooh, yeah
Bring your sexy ass here, baby

I wanna buy my bitch every bag
And she ain't ever, ever, ever gotta take 'em back
I wanna