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the Lord above
For smiling down on me and blessing me blessing me with your love baby
Lonely was about to make me loose my mind
But you came along just in
And through His blood He saved me
I just can't thank Him enough
For His mercy and His grace toward me
I want to say, Oh Lord Thank You

Thank you for your
made everything right

And I say where would I be if I didn't have you by my side
I'm so blessed
And all I can say is thank you for all of your blessings
And when you talk to God
Count up all your blessings
And thank the good Lord that
You don't know Jack
You don't know Jack
and glory and honor) and honor, they all belong to you, Jesus
Get some credit out there by myself, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus
(For blessing me) for
Great is Thy faithfulness 
(Lord unto...)

meeee mee ee
yeah oh oh oh
Great is Thy faithfulness
(You could've chosen anyone) 
Lord to me Your
judging, made it away from literally nothing
Yeah I'm talking literally nothing


And only lord knows 
I thank you jesus for guiding me
triple platinum

I seen it from afar, blessings from the Lord
When a nigga that's so sharp, have his conscious loss
Before you buy a bottle, let's
startin' to fight
I wish I had a drink or maybe a dozen
Lord, what I'd give for one good lookin' cousin

So let's all gather 'round, Dad you say
a blessing and some happiness in you
Whenever there is darkness, G you brighten up my day
I thank the Lord for you because you understand my ways, oh

Anything you want baby
Anything your heart desires
Because you've been there for me
(Truly there for me)
I'm gonna give it to you
and thanking you for your blessing
Confession is good for the soul, that's how I'm trying t roll
Be one of the greats, see the Pearly Gates now that's the goal
morning, girl is cool
Because I found a blessing and some happiness in you
Whenever there is darkness, G you brighten up my day
I thank the Lord for you
on making music the real can feel and believe in
Through ups and downs you remained when all others left me
Lord I thank you, for your blessings

acting like this

Ain't a day go by, that I don't try
To thank the lord up above
And if you wondering why, I'm loving life
I'm close and I'll tell you
the Lord for sending this blessing down to me 
I get my glock ready, Beanie can't shoot this time 
As much as I been feelin' and dreamin' this mutha
time for the New South's imminent progression
Thank the good lord so generous with blessings
Whenever it was needed he'd send me some direction
I'd gaze
likes me
Lady Luck's with me never gonna flip me
(Reflect on your life don't be amazed
By all the things that the gods did for you)
Take a look outside
clown, don't talk to me
Like that, looking stupid of course.
Living day by day and you ain't hard.
Trick, hell you say?
It's such a blessing when my
she's weakly payin'
I know it's a blessing, that I raised kids cause I got skill
And thank God that gangbang thing didn't bring me hot steel
Now my
to survive in this crime land
I'm just hustling cause I never had
So these chips that I gained, I maintained, me and my pops past
I thank the Lord for
thank the Lord for daily bread and plus for blessing you with Sparxxx

Now tell me how y'all expect to eat if y'all boys ain't hungry (uh, uh)
How you
You're a blessing in the disguise
I thank the Lord to have you right here by my site

'Cause a girl like you
Is all I ever wanted
'Cause a girl so
the loved ones lost
To the heroes in Pittsburg, you took it by far
The world state y'all, yeah, we took 'em head on
Your names will live forever, thanks for
blessing for a scholar
School of Hard Knocks, just reppin' my alma mater
That was back when I ain't have shit
God on my shoulder with the Devil