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work you know you owe me too much to stop
John said I got a little working to do but I ain't goin' by your clock

People said John was a slacker cause
gonna work? You know you owe me too much to stop." 
John said, "I got a little workin' to do but I ain't goin' by your clock."
People said John was
with this Senator. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.
FZ: Is this private action?

Rev. Jeff Ling: Degradation. Humiliation. Thrusting, shoving. Animals
been dispersed
From the Northwest Territory to Madagascar
You're the prettiest girl I've ever seen by far
And I wish you luck on your quest to rule
they want is a piece
Of the pie that you keep
Is that too much to ask of those who lay the concrete?
Still laying on concrete
Pop, pop by police
Wham! Ccchhh! Pssshh! Raining on me!
I go Whoa, Homer goes
Homer: D'oh!
Now you can't go to the boatshow.

Bart: This is my thanks after working my
(thank you)
But we on some new next level complexity, tarzan telepathy, organic especially
Me see I'm kinda like the leader..

Damn, I wasn't knowin!