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lil bo
You know who it is it's PT hoe
Fuck crime mob whose it to
I heard the song it's bullshit boo
Cross eyed bastards fuckin wit me
You know I'm a G
the studio, word is bond
Been working on ya new album for two years strong
And still can't come up with the right song
You know what they say:'Study long,
[studio demo version of the song "you not me" from 1997, recorded ]
[during the making of the album falling into infinity. available ]
[on the cd
Nigga set for life nigga puttin' in work

(Chorus) 2x
All kinds of cars
Neighborhood superstar
Feared by many and loved by broads

Verse 2: Baby
from two totally polar opposite lifestyles.
Under normal circumstances I would be
Waking you and your rich parents up at gunpoint.
[Krayzie: x2]
People ask me how do you maintain
You got to keep your mind on money (T-H-you-G)
Don't let the snakes ever short you for ya change
back in Tennessee
She's savin' all her sweet love for me
And I'm rollin' home
Got to keep these big wheels hummin' their song
And if I'm lucky, by
by my side?
Would I write sad songs, and call pain daily?
How different would I be if you had raised me?


[Verse 4]
1997, you called my home
of our lives 'n'

I still love Rock 'n' Roll - I play it every day
Hummin' along, singin' the song
It's the only way - I know how to say what's on my
I leave footprints in fours, two for bi-peds, two more to break the door
Practically caress the utterings of crushed by drudgery brothers
By the time we'd run another race around the sun
We were buried under blankets in the dark
All night long I laid and listened to your song
It didn't
there by the sea
To merit losing the only who meant everything to me

Dear Baltimore
When he left Tennessee we were strong
But the roads through
of our lives 'n'

I still love Rock 'n' Roll - I play it every day
Hummin' along, singin' the song
It's the only way - I know how to say what's on my
the day is done

Night-time on The City of New Orleans
A-changin' cars a-down in Memphis, Tennessee
Well, a half way home, and a we gonna be there by
Thirty-eight strands we through em on the table
Sampled em all one by one I was able
They all taste good, defeated to smoke
Next the two footer, I wanted
pressed on
Get your flex on, like fuckin off that song
lookin like you gotta vest on
By the way you thinkin you gotta peel with it
But if you can't deal
the last time I went, was the last time I'm ever gone be in
Instead of a 5 by 6 cell then a big brick home, that's what I live in

[Chorus: x2]

from Tennessee
Ooh-ee the stee-lo, they know
Tennessee tags on the back of the Durango
Ain't no players like down south players
Them boys there do come
I write might be about you, son they shook *
[*vocal interpolation of Mobb Deep - "Shook Ones Pt. II"]

(chorus with varations till fade)

David Banner
Like to end this song by saying all praises is due to God
God first, yaknowimsayin, music second
Yo peace out to my little god-son Lil' Ju
of me and twista ridin in the benz/lac
But tell me can you fade back?
Still ridin in the see-a-d-I double l, double a-see always

Chorus 1x

Verse 2
Commin to tha Bay, round my way I'm a vet bitch
Launchin lightning by tha pound
Call me mister coke and crown
In the town I'm found we got tha sound
done heard of wayz

I see one, two, Niggaz actin live
3 seconds past before I blast with my 4-5
6 shots, 7 cops, just to take 8ball
9 witnesses