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And I live in the room over him.

I'm Burlington Bertie, I rise at ten thirty
And saunter along Temple Bar
As round there I skip
I keep shouting 'Pip
on the incline
I don’t do the games, but if I happen to be into one
Burner to his melon, just my version of temple run
They tell me I’m crazy, they say that
with constant movement
Influenced by music since a truant yo
This is how we do it yo

A'yo when I say pump that, y'all say shit up
Pump that! (Shit
Yeah, once again, word up urban inspirational
KRS-One, Professor Ecks, whattup Dan? Woo
Temple of Hip-Hop, let's do it

By the sound
Young 'uns with guns, acting like they taking yours, uh 

Live by the sword, they gonna die by the sword, uh 

My vocal cords break the laws that

Fuck y’all doing? 
It’s only right that I address this
Why ask what? 
Why ask what?

Existentialist in my temple, I shook the world with
the Capricorn's dick
You got pulmonary edema
You'll soon be buried like Gary Coleman's career, but your skull recovered by FEMA
Attackin' the mental, walkin'
In the club I'm not lookin' for love, ya not see it
Gimme the mic and I'll show you whassup, better believe it
I'm not at the bar, whatever
Okay.. the GZA
Tony Touch classic, knowhatI'msayin?
We gonna bang why'all, in the head one time
Blaze up on why'all one time real fast (Do
Yeah niggas
Comin straight straight thru
Killah Priest
Y-Kim on the tracks
Sunz Of Man, 60 Sec.
Prodigal Sunn, Holy Psychatrist
Zodiac Killah,